Oh No (Revised)

  • by mikeling
  • posted Jul 08, 2005

Some people still aren't just cut out to own pets.

(I took people's suggestions into account, adding facial features and changing his pitcher for a net, so here is a revised version in oooh - scarlet!)

Watch this

Truly worthy of the redesign (unlike most people's). Great work man.


I like it a lot, maybe put the eyes a hair closer, but I don't think that really reuires an edit. I'd buy one.

the gurglagon

id like to see a either a cat or parrot skeleton in there.
also i think it might be cooler if the bones were lying on the bottom.

good job


what the hell does a parrot skeleton look like? i'd like to see a western spotted bluefoot's skeleton in there.... sheesh.


love the redesign and shirt color, well done


i dont think the text is necessary.. I feel like people on here feel they need text to explain their design... If you need to do that, its not good.

This however, is able to communicate without the text, so get rid of it!


haha have a child's skeleton, they fell while trying to drink from the koolaid man. (and reminds me of a dane cook joke with the 'oh no')

mepushingbuttons profile pic Alumni

you fixed everything and then added text? come on, man. get with it.


Isn't Cool-Aid Man a copyrighted image?

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

Yes, but this is an obvious case of parody as it would never be confused as actual Kool-Aid merchandise...


If people aren't liking the text, then I can remove it at the printing stage. I won't be able to put up a design without it for voting, because it'll be too similar, but I can submit one that will be used instead. So if you don't like the text, but you love the shirt, vote high! But let me know. If I hear a whole bunch of people saying that they'd buy it without the text that's what I'll get them to print (if it comes to that), but don't vote it lower because of it!

Thanks for all the positive comments so far!


lower the design just a teensy bit. but i love it, made me laugh.

Moses Smith

OH NO, naughty naughy kool-aid man you think coming thru the wall is cool? USING THE DOOR IS COOL! who is going to clean this up? my dads not going to believe a giant bowl of fruit punch came through there!


I had an idea for a horror movie where cool-aid man busts into children's homes and drowns them in himself. This is cool too.


I think this is one of the only times where I actually like the text. I say keep it.


am i the only one who liked the original better?


this one is awesome.

Pirate's Log

ooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaah!!
best shirt by far, it rules
ill take ten!


I would buy this in a HEARTBEAT if there was no text.


Ah, the lesser known Fishbone flavor KoolAide. Very popular in China.


ohmygoodness I just died laughing. this is great. 5$

tunastar profile pic Alumni

outline the net.
The consistency of your design is otherwise broken.


Kool-Aid man!
I like it better than the older version. Though I think it would be better if it didn't say anything.

I like the colors.

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