Big Sound

change the guy's face, in fact his whole body is kinda awkwardly shaped. Otherwise, I like! 4

Watch this

Clever and cute. <3


i know it's supposed to be big, but that's TOO big.


i really like this but i agree with sailonsilvergirl its much too big perhaps downsize the amp and move it to the bottom right keep the guy small but i mean i can barely tell its a person all the way in the corner still its a really cool design and an even better idea i still give it a 5


yea, just fix up the minor problems that they mentioned before and I'd definetly buy


i love it, and the sg design is nice. 5. its really cute. his head is a little awkwardly shaped though. and i think the size of the amp is just fine.


seriously way smaller

such a cute design though. 4.


Is he about to strum his guitar? If so I think he should have a little pick in his hand. You could also add a strap for the guitar because it does not look like it's really supported now.I like the overall concept though.


lil' dudes RULE!! ROCK ON!!!



great idea, but the speaker is too big. I think you can get the same effect if you go smaller, but I love it. 4 :)


Awsome idea! $5

Captain Toasty

If the guitar is that detailed at that size, those details would be lost when printed that small on the shirt. The full graphic also takes up too much space on the shirt. I suggest making the speaker two-thirds as big at most and losing the guitar strings so it's more printable. Not too fond of the colors either. I think warm colors would make this more interesting.

That said, I really like the concept. Change a few things and I'd probably buy it.


love the SG!

stellar zephyr

agree with captain toasty. plus add the connection cable. awesome tho.


Er ... you forgot to plug in the guitar!

lol no noise with out the plug silly xDD

And also I agree with downsizing the amp a bit cos it's kinda like WHOAH huge.



that thing is huge but its good


concept: A+
execution: D

the speaker can get away with being that cartoony. the man and guitar need serious work.


great idea, but the speaker is ALL wrong...uses a guitar cabinet...only a goof would play their guitar through an audio speaker cabinet...but hey, that is just my opinion

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