be cl0ser!..

what does this mean?

Watch this

normally when i don't get it i feel like i'm not supposed to get it. but i feel like i'm actually missing something here, and that sucks because i love the design.


at 34 i'm missing the cuteness of all the "funny" ways to spell other words, but i do like this design.


I have no idea what this says, and normally i pride myself on being able to decipher anythign


Be Closer.... i didnt get it till I read the name :P


i like greys and the shots of turquoise are a nice touch .

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It would be great without that writing on the side. And the flames could fork outa little more on the sides where it is straight, and went up further on the top in the middle.


the flames look strange. yet i love it.


bet closer?
be and closer?
what the crap man! no one reads your pansy arse internet language!


yeah... you're a total copy-and-paste hack unless you are Andrew Pommier, which you AREN'T. It looks like you just altered some of the bits of glass and the hubcaps.


Man it would have to be a freakish ass co-ink-i-dink for this not to be a Pommier. It is the height of not cool to bite another person's work.


the concept is excellent,
the leet and tourquoise aren't exactly in the mood but oh well,
and you ruin it all by ripping it off someone else's work
i WOULD have bought it, but not stolen work
rip off


This guy is complete shit. Go and look at his past submissions and you'll see that this isnt the first submission of his that's a ripoff. Shenannigans! SHENANNIGANS!


if it is ripping, it is ripping the beastie boys first album. only their's was a jet and it said 3atm3 or something like that. but their's was great, this is bunk.


i'm just sad that you thought you could get away with ripping off someone elses work.


i like the design...too bad it isn't yours.


yeah thats totally that Pommier guy's work. not cool


the graphic needs to be enlarged.


I don't get it, but I love the design $5


that was totally suck ass not cool
will threadless delete this guy's account for this sort of thing?


no flames. and i don't get the writing.


Pretty cool... cooler if were readable... cooler still if it were original.

0 score for blatant plagiarism


yup.. this design was used on a toy machine skate video in 2003 called berzerker by guess who?..andrew pommier.. i agree.. delete the account. it's not like he just ripped the idea off.. it's identical..

em fu

gruek, you have quite a few submissions. Rippin' off this one kills any credibility you may have had. One can reasonably guess that all the rest of your submissions are stolen as well.


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