White Men Can't Jump

Err.. yes. Speaks for itself, really.

Watch this

That's pretty funny, but I can't see myself wearing it.


haha, I think its funny.
and I might wear it... maybe..


I'd wear it because im still giggling.



Perfect. Nostalgic and funny.


I need this shirt. $5.


more than 4 colours?

the gurglagon

i dont know if id get it without the title. there should be a white luigi not jumping as high, next to him.


ccsy - Nope, I promise:

dark coin/dark brick - medium brown
light coin/light brick/overall buttons - light brown
shirt - red
skin - dark brown

And then good old black and white.


... crap. I thought maybe black and white were not considered part of the count, as is generally the case in the printing industry. Now I'm not so sure... hmm.


Black and white are part of the count.

"Too Many Colors - Design must have 4 or less unique colors, no gradients, no photographs, no tiny halftones. Remember, black & white count."


awwww... i've been staring at this trying to figure how to do it w/ only four colors. ::shrug::


You're going to be raped by Nintendo lawyers if this is printed. And, you can shove the racist crap up your ass while you're at it. I don't care how "socially acceptable" this type of garbage is, it doesn't belong anywhere at any time.


this isnt racist, this is funny but...
DITCH EVERYTHING except black mario (maybe keep the ? box or clouds) and dont center the design. RE-submit titled "NinGhetto". You will then have gold. Great idea!!!


The MCP - The insults in your comment paint one hell of a mental picture - the kind that can only be painted by a fourteen-year-old boy who hasn't left his mother's basement in quite some time.

"White men can't jump" is a somewhat commonly-used cliche and playful stereotype. It is also the title of a 1992 film, so perhaps you should lobby the production company as well for their "racist" agenda. How silly you are.

P.S. I wonder if whomever created the Gardening Darth Vader shirt is currently being "raped" by George Lucas? Somehow I doubt it.

It's your attitude that's garbage, love.


AlecGrieco - "NinGhetto"... I love it. Except I would have to title it "NinGhetto Copyright AlecGrieco 2005", or according to The MCP, you might rape me.



I probably came on a little strong there, sorry about that. I love super mario bros. and I like the idea behind you're design, I guess I get a litte irritated with double standards. White men can't jump is a hilarious movie, but saying that the title is a "playful stereotype" might be a bit myopic. Maybe I just need to lighten up.

As per the copywrite law issue: Nintendo is notorious for scowering the internet for infringment cases. I'd be nervous getting this printed if I were you, but I'm not so I guess Salut if you can do it and not get pinched.


Captain Toasty

The Darth-gardening design was a parody that featured original artwork. This is a straight-up sprite rip. Much riskier territory.

Captain Toasty

p.s.: black and white are in fact colors. check the submission rules again.


DEAR EVERYBODY: Indeed, black and white count. In the print industry, my main man, black and white and the tones created therewith are often not counted.

Additionally, I did this while dying of boredom at work, so the whole process went something like... readreadread oh crap, here comes someone, flip to Excel. Readreadread, oh crap, flip to Excel. Not exactly a super reading environment.

A copyright infringement? Yes. You like it, it's good for you, and it builds character. Etc. I did not, and do not, expect this design to be printed. It's my first, and considering the astounding calibre of the designs that ARE printed, I don't have a rat-embedded-in-a-snowball's chance in hell of ending up on a tee. But I thought it was funny, and I needed something to do.

Just so we're not beating a dead horse here... over and over and over.

Thank you and goodnight.

Captain Toasty

It bewilders me how you can be so abasing of your own effort yet so condescending to those who criticize it.


hahahahaha..i'm white..but i would still wear this!to cool!


dude congrats. i've been on Threadless for almost a year now and this is the first shirt I've ever really laughed at.


oh, i get it, he's black. jump black man, jump.


funniest shirt i've seen on this site. hands down.


Captain Toasty: Condescending? Dude, I'm AGREEING with all of you!


Maybe it would be more effective if there was a white mario too? I dunno. Maybe then it wouldn't be as subtle. Its a really good idea though.


I want this shirt... just not in this color


XDDDD AHAHAHAAA That's soo cy00t.


hahaha this is so wrong


i love it!!!

Fall Down Go Boom

Are those the exact sprites from the game (with the exception of the skin tone change)? Thats a major no-no. (I know you've already covered this earlier in the comment line, but I just wanted to re-itterate.)
I don't find the comment particularly funny. It doesn't have that charm that many other video game designs have around here.


Fall Down Go Boom: The image was recreated pixel-by-pixel. Although it is from scratch, it essentially the same; but I think I explained myself pretty clearly in my earlier comment Re: the copyright issue.

Quite frankly, the folks at Threadless know more about what they can, can't, will and won't print than you, I, or anyone else does, and Threadless will do what's best for Threadless, in spite of any whingy comments for or against the issue.


Clever but it raises too much controversy in certain areas of the world excluding Africa and Haiti.

Also whoever said Ninghetto.. Sorry, not funny because it automatically makes people think you're saying all black people are ghetto, even if you don't mean to say that.


Wow, who knew people wese so passionate about copyright issues. It is a good idea Sheneedstherapy, sorry your first time was so hostile.


Funny, but it'd be a PJ shirt.


Don't know if this has been covered, I too am at work, so my reading time is limited...but if it was unable to be printed, wouldn't Threadless have rejected the submission? My first submission had more than 4 colors and they didn't accept it and the rejection email said it was because of the color issue. So if Threadless passed this submission I don't see why it's a problem, but whatever.

Good idea by the way. :)




Can't really rate down anything with classic icons.

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