The Old Fasioned Way

My Third Attempt at this.

Watch this

Hum… something missing or not?
Nice anyway!!!


I dig it


So is this actually meant to be about abortion, or does it just appear that way?


hey man im in a band called salute the dawn, were looking for logo designers and i liked ur style, id be cool to have a logo made by you for us(buttons/tshirts/etc) ..
hit me back with an email if your interested


it's nice, but for some reason it seems like the scissors don't belong. I know this is your art and I can't sit here and tell you what does or doesn't belong, but something about them... I can't figure out what. Everything else about it is great though.


is threadless into birds or something? i see more birds here then anywhere else. even on telephone poles.


Maybe it means to cut away everything and rise up to the sky?

again, i'm with everyone here by saying that i have no clue what the scissors are for. It looks lovely though. :)


Okay, you are on the right track. The design was insprired by an old King Crimson song, where a girl removes her arms and grows wings. She does this because no one "gets" her.


the salute the dawn guys are kinda lame- sorta like spammers...otherwise- cool shirt!


wait- it DOES look abortiony...ew.


guys, it really has nothing to do with abortion.

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