That is the most disgusting, hypocritcal shirt I've ever seen.

In case you havn't noticed, animals arn't here for your pleasure of eating them. YOU deserve to be slautered for this shirt. How would you feel if you saw someone with a shirt like that but had YOU on it?

I hope no one would/will ever buy this shirt.

Watch this
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You're joking right?

How is it hypocritical? I love pork.

Also, take your unrealistic vegan ways and shove it. If you were starving to death, would you not eat meat? Be realistic. Are the centuries old indigenous cultures less human for eating meat?

What is wrong with you? Not everyone can be so financially privileged to be able to afford a proper vegetarian lifestyle.


I guess this about sums it up.

Education: High school
Income: $250,000 and higher

Thank you

Also, whats up with the AIM name "Super x faggot"? Animal rights good, gay rights bad?

Little girl, get your head straight.


I don't find this offensive in the least. If you are not down with the meat eating then you don't have to wear it. I doubt that there would be much fuss over a vegan t-shirt.
However, I think the design is a bit lacking. The graphics and text are sort of boring and haphazardly placed. My 2 cents.


specksxinxthexsky, at 2:49pm on Jun 28, 2005
How would you feel if you saw someone with a shirt like that but had YOU on it?

hahah that would be the coolest shirt in freakin' ever. good idea


but overall...i like the pig and the text..i would ditch the little illustrations around it though. its too much going on. keep the design short and sweet, it makes it a lot funnier


thank you for the CONSTRUCTIVE and RESPECTFUL input. seriously.


hey.. specsxinxthexsky..CALM DOWN! pork rules... and so does this shirt!!


i speak for all the vegetarians when i say: ICK!


The picture is self-explanatory (and gret). The text gets in the way.


I'm a vegetarian so iw oudlnt wear it :/


pork=good, but you missed out bacon! thats the real crime here...

side a

the shirt is great.. stop whining... don't rate it based on your personal beliefs . . . thats what is so wrong with this country.. everyone is forcing their own personal beliefs on everyone else....
if you want to be a vegetarian . . fine.. eat vegetables.. but jesus.. this is a t-shirt... not an actual pig..

however.. as mentioned before, the text seems slapped on as an afterthought.. integrate the text into the design.. maybe put some of the meat pieces on top of the text.. and maybe not a black, bold font..

but.. for christ's sake... no pigs were hurt in making the shirt so shut up already...


I love it, hell how about making a chicken diagram, and a cow while you're at it. Hell, even a human diagram would be great, because let's not discriminate, cannibals have feelings too!


I would like it more if the pig was a little cuter/cartoonier, i think that it would be more humourous that way.
But good idea.

Yes Lisa... a magical animal. -Homer Simpson


Haha, yeah I agree with Tower. Put "Precious Moments" eyes on that lil' piggy. But the pig's good as it is.
Maybe take out the meat products and enlarge the pig.
Wouldn't mind seeing a cow or chicken version too, for our kosher/halal friends out there.

....If someone makes a person version, can it be a skinny vegan? Maybe "cannibal jerky" or something?


I don't eat a lot of meat, but I'm not a vegetarian. This shirt can be offensive to some people and I would hate to wear it. I don't like the text, some text is too small and the design isn't great either. I think this is my least favourite design on all of threadless.
Its not very nice/conciderate to make a shirt design like this that offends some people.
Obviously some people like meat, and eat it but come on.. are you that bad that you have to make a shirt about meat? I find that immature.
Im sorry.


I like the concept, but not the execution.
I'd rather see a more clinical illustration, like you'd find in a Cordon Bleu book about butchering.
And it's amazing how righteous people get when you call a pig delicious. (For the record, I don't eat pork, but I would like this shirt better executed.)
the style of the cuts of meat doesn't match the style of the cross-section of the pig at all.
If you could tie it together, I'd like it more.


(Incidentally, I find it interesting that it's so socially acceptable to hate people who are using all of their teeth and their omnivoristic tendancies while denying yourself needed nutrients and protiens.)


I am vegetarian, and if I saw someone wearing this shirt, I wouldn't be offended; mystified, perhaps, at some people's tacky choice of shirts, but not offended. From a purely stylistic point of view, I don't like the colours, composition or font.


haha! a controversy, this shirt ...
i agree with david 816.. funny shirt, but simpler is better =]


where's the love people? its a good shirt. id say a 4
if you dont like it, dont buy it. personally, i think pork is nummy. just please, dont take is so personally. its a joke. funny. ha ha. take it that way.


I don't think it's well executed - for many of the reasons already stated by other posters, so I won't reiterate. I wouldn't wear it, but it's a good idea.

And.. I am simply amazed by the lack of intelligence people are displaying here. To the first poster.. just because someone does not agree with you does not make them a terrible person. And please don't assume that what someone's designs necessarily reflect their personal beliefs.

"Its not very nice/conciderate to make a shirt design like this that offends some people."

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or vomit. Just.. wow.


agree with margolove.

I think the idea is great, but more detail on pig + no small meat pictures would be better.

If people like meat, they should be free to design & wear shirts appreciating meat. jeez.


Ohhh.. we have to be nice and considerate to all walks of life now, so no one get's their wittle ol' feewings huwt..

.... hah!


i dont care for the design of the shirt that much, but i like the general idea

better than the shirt is how spookymoo owned specksinthesky


We dont' have to be nice and considerate.
We're asked to be "constructive and respectful".
It's between what you write and the button that gets you to post it.


GREAT SHIRT makes me want some bacon and thats a good thing


crap idea(been done many times), poor execution, deliberately intended to bait vegetarians/vegans, if you enjoy meet keep it to yourself, how would you feel if you saw a black guy or moslem with 'KILL WHITEY' on a shirt?
want to cause more offence do the same design with a cute lil' puppy dog or puddy tat on it,


what makes you think I'm not black?


lol...get a life. all of you.


This whole page is freakin hillarious. Preserve it - now!


I originally thought it was ironic, commodification of life and that....but no...just likes pork...good flare up though...

What about poo, more poo less monkeys/animals. Its universal and the first human creation, the original muse. The perfect archetypal schematic poo. Cut into sections. That can be the sequel.


To the unrealistic vegan:

In my culture and my beliefs, we must eat meat.
My ancestors ate meat and I honor them by eating what they ate.
My people believe the Creator created animals to teach us
humans to be sufficient and no longer rely on souly him alone.

Just because you're a vegan, doesn't mean everyone else
has to & actually REAL vegans don't try convincing everyone
else to be a vegan.

And lastly, the statement on the shirt is not hypocritical.

BUT FOR THE RATING OF THE SHIRT: personally i wouldn't wear it.
the outline of the pig is a little to vague and i don't wear meat on my shirt. 3


there's a difference between that black guy/muslim statement.

a) this isn't a prejudice shirt.
b) pigs can't read.
c) it's not meant to offend any.. piglovers =P


I beg to differ with ^^^^ the chances are the designer of this shirt has/had a family pet they loved, this symbolises the prejudice against some animals because they are of more value as a commodity.


and as for the omnivore argument,man has develpoed in a certain way to allow him the greatest chance of SURVIVAL, just because you can doesn't mean you should.


i think it's offensive, and what you said about the"unrealistic vegan ways" too.
the execution needs more work and the font is really ugly


i could've sworn i've seen this shirt already before..


I never realized how big of whiners vegans are! God gave us animals to be eaten...ya know with our mouths, so we could live. And honestly, its not like pigs are cuddly wuddly little animals...


" Not everyone can be so financially privileged to be able to afford a proper vegetarian lifestyle. "

i agree.


A marketing guy would kill for this much emotion surrounding a product!

Print it now, you'll sell the crap out of it!


@porkydork - why don't you go and tell all the starving millions about how cheap it is to eat meat and tell them how dumb they are for growing their crops and all about their unrealistic vegan ways.


Ok, i dont understand why any one would be offended by this shirt other than to start a stupid little flame war. (which happens to the best of us)

but that being said, i think the shirt is totally lacking in design. saying you don't like the shirt because of what it portrays is rediculous. its not like eating meat is a racy idea and you should protect the children from it. its not some hidden ritualistic cult practice. if you dont like the shirt give it a low score and move on. like i am.

i do think this could be good shirt though with better lines sectioning off the pig.


Dude, seriously:
Next time do a rabbit or a pigeon.
Or a dolphin.


First off. I don't like the idea of having a pet. I live in the city and I don't think its kind to the animals.

Secondly, all over the world meat it consumed. While it's true that in places where severe famine is taking place people don't really have access to meat and are eating a diet more similar to a vegetarian, that doesn't mean they are CHOOSING to not eat mean. It just isn't an option. Furthermore, just living off the crops you have grown has the serious potential to lead to malnutrion. That is, unless, you are growing vast quantites of legumes and leafy greens. But then, as many did in war torn somalia, you still have to go to the local GNC to get your Iron pills. Ha, silly vegans.

If you seen this shirt before its probably from the meat section in your local supermarket. Although if you are under 18 then you wouldn't have, everyone knows the butchers section is Adults Only XXX. I caught a peek once when I was little....


Oh, and it's a good thing I didn't submit my "Dead fetus on parade" design. PHEW!

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