i saw an ad in a sev in quebec for what looked like a meat slurpee.

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cool - they make that soup across the street from me
cows, pigs, chickens, roadkill
smellssss gooood


have you heard the meatshake song... it's all about meatshakes... did that inspire you by any chance?


that's just good illo.


Excellent use of four colours! Totally disgusting and very, very funny! $5

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Nice, but it reminds me alot of Ugly Ducklings album 'Taste the Secret'

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eskimo> yes i'm inspired by this song "meatshake" by uglyduckling :)

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I love this song :)




does it come tripple-thick w/ mad cow


DANM ! Totally wicked // can i vote 6 ? amazing ! =]


weird...i was on your website yesterday i think...and i saw this..and was wondering why you wouldn't submit it!
good job


sveninho> funny how you didn't state that you were 'inspired' by the song until you got busted.

The only people who should make money from Meatshake merch is Ugly Duckling and their record label... not some jerk-off who can't think of his own designs.

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At this time I don't think this design is a ugly duckling copyrighted design! I work on it so please... Think a bit more before telling something stupid! Am I furious? Yes I'm! Meatshake is a word game nothing more, and certainly UD didn't create it! Thanks

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Beside it... Thanks to others for comments... Tks :)


yeah, i've never heard of the ugly duckling thing, but i've seen other references and jokes about meatshakes or the idea of meatshakes so i don't think that this a "ripoff" like some people have said.

good use of fours colors......i think it needs a straw, and instead of the text beign below the shake, it should be on the cup like a label.


loose the text. great gross shirt. i like it.


sveninho> I didn't suggest that there was any copywrite infringement... read my comments carefully next time.

However this is a site for designers to post up original ideas. You have already stated that you were aware of Ugly Duckling's use of 'meatshake' yet you chose not to credit them in your submission. You can't complain if people think you're trying to bite their style...

BTW - I tried to be objective and not let this fact influence my vote so I gave you a zero because your design looks ill-conceived.


i'd buy this in a heartbeat without the text.


best tshirt i ever seen. gonna copy right now. ráa! 5+$

DJ Jam

Dude, Ugly Duckling created Meatshake some time ago, so please, hop on over to and say hi, and sorry to Dizzy, Andy, and Young Einstein for straight jacking their product!


i love it! :)


i wouldnt wear this cause im a veggie.



I don't think this is a ripoff. Just because he got the idea from Ugly Duckling. I have heard the idea before (Jhonen Vasquez, anyone?) It's not like he copied their style so I think it is great.


If you want to be original, instead of being perceived as ripping other people's ideas off, here's a simple trick. Google the concept you've come up with and see whether it's been done before.

That way you'll never be accused of IP theft or plagiarism. Know what I'm saying?


Well done Kennsj... that's what I was trying to say but I guess I didn't put it in such straight-forward terms.

I apologise if my original comments seemed a bit harsh but I know one of the guys from Ugly Duckling so I take it personally. ;-)


Reminded me of ATHF right away....

Meatwad + Master Shake? lol


put a straw in it and resubmit.. it looks too much like a cofee from amaco or something.


hahahah hilariouss... what's GMO? 5$

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Genetically Modified Organisms :)

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Yes :)


reminds me of that simpsons episode when homer broke his jaw and had to have it wired shut


Ugly Duckling has an entire album based around Meatshake. This is most definitely 'inspired' by them, and if not, you made a mistake. It's not a new idea, and I agree the only people that should be making money off Meatshake merch should be UD.


Ahahaha. I really love this design! XDD Nicely compact. I don't know whether I would buy it though, I feel slightly sick when looking at it. XD

ej ronin

isnt that the title of an "ugly Duckling" song?


never heard of Ugly Duckling, but...

this is also on the same vein of the fake ads Charles S. Anderson did for a French Paper campaign back in the late 90s, and specifically "Cream of Meat". Can't find an image of it online, but if you look at an old Print magzine, you're bound to find it.


for a concept that i think i usually would hate your design is freaking amazing so you sold me on this one! nice nice nice work FIVE


i like this its totally new and the way u used the colors to give the liquide effect is reallt smooth...good work!


What does GMO stand for?

Pidgeon One

It's not about copywrite, it's about being a biter.

Ok so the concept of a meat based milkshake wasn't original when Ugly Duckling did it, but to me that image is just a straight up bite. Iit's not even that dissimilar to their artwork, although I got to be honest I prefer their style. If I'm allowed to post links here, check this.
If not, just stick the word Meashake into Google images.

I'm not saying you don't have talent on a design tip, you just need to be a bit more original. If you're going to recycle other people's ideas, you need to add more to it that your own name.


that is really creepy

so she said

that's repulsive... i love it...


I love it.
Ignore anyone who says you ripped this off.
It's wonderful.
If you can even call it that.


biter, get your own style!

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