One second...

George Dub wears his collar down

The darker green in this graphic is \\"Jade\\". That is, if this was made in that color it would be a two color shirt. Unfortunately, i personally wouldnt buy it in that color.

Watch this

Very interesting and original.


man, i dont know what kinda crap quality i saved this .gif in but it looks all pixelated! the original images were really crisp and i have the trimmed graphic at 5000 by 5000 in 180 dpi. bummer i dont know how to optimize a gif correctly.


very creative, i like it.


i love your concept,
but, like you said it's abummer that it's all screwy
anyway, i'd rock it


Nice idea. You don't need the circles around the numbers.


Haha, I made a submission similar to this. And I think I'm orgami-challenged because I can't make this shirt with a dollar.


you don't need the #'s either


cool. 5$


deadduck - great minds think, eh? as for the origami... it works. oh, it works.

as for the digits and the circles. i hadnt even thought about not putting em. thanks for the idea.


i think i saw this on an icon once. sorry, that was random. pretty cool.


I did it!!! Nice work, but too bad about the graphic :(


My mom makes those little shirts. She makes little ties for them too. She uses them as greeting cards.


I didn't realise it was a little tshirt, I thought that it might have been the twin tower thing.


hey i never learned how to fold it like that! clever.


I LOVE IT!!! 5+$


clever- but boring


i wouldn't by this shirt because i tried and i can't fold the thing that way. I'm stuck at step 4 and am considering scissors to get the job done.

so fuck you for getting me all sorts of frustrated.


wow, i cant believe somebody said "fuck you". thats the first "fuck you" i've received in a comment.

heres me: "yo, on a scale of one to five, what do you think of this shirt".
heres them: "i give you a 'fuck you'".

thanks for the comments so far, keep folding! if you want a higher resolution graphic to help you fold, just vote 5 and buy so i win. then, i'll order my own shirt and take a picture of me in my shirt folding it correctly. just for you.


thanks for your comments and votes!


oh, and again, sorry about the poor quality gif.

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