George Dub wears his collar down

  • by ni.m.
  • posted Jun 21, 2005

The darker green in this graphic is \\"Jade\\". That is, if this was made in that color it would be a two color shirt. Unfortunately, i personally wouldnt buy it in that color.

Watch this

Very interesting and original.

ni.m. profile pic Alumni

man, i dont know what kinda crap quality i saved this .gif in but it looks all pixelated! the original images were really crisp and i have the trimmed graphic at 5000 by 5000 in 180 dpi. bummer i dont know how to optimize a gif correctly.


very creative, i like it.


i love your concept,
but, like you said it's abummer that it's all screwy
anyway, i'd rock it

tesko profile pic Alumni

Nice idea. You don't need the circles around the numbers.


Haha, I made a submission similar to this. And I think I'm orgami-challenged because I can't make this shirt with a dollar.


you don't need the #'s either


cool. 5$

ni.m. profile pic Alumni

deadduck - great minds think, eh? as for the origami... it works. oh, it works.

as for the digits and the circles. i hadnt even thought about not putting em. thanks for the idea.


i think i saw this on an icon once. sorry, that was random. pretty cool.


I did it!!! Nice work, but too bad about the graphic :(


My mom makes those little shirts. She makes little ties for them too. She uses them as greeting cards.


I didn't realise it was a little tshirt, I thought that it might have been the twin tower thing.


hey i never learned how to fold it like that! clever.


I LOVE IT!!! 5+$


i wouldn't by this shirt because i tried and i can't fold the thing that way. I'm stuck at step 4 and am considering scissors to get the job done.

so fuck you for getting me all sorts of frustrated.

ni.m. profile pic Alumni

wow, i cant believe somebody said "fuck you". thats the first "fuck you" i've received in a comment.

heres me: "yo, on a scale of one to five, what do you think of this shirt".
heres them: "i give you a 'fuck you'".

thanks for the comments so far, keep folding! if you want a higher resolution graphic to help you fold, just vote 5 and buy so i win. then, i'll order my own shirt and take a picture of me in my shirt folding it correctly. just for you.

ni.m. profile pic Alumni

thanks for your comments and votes!

ni.m. profile pic Alumni

oh, and again, sorry about the poor quality gif.

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