Late Afternoon

  • by weaponxdh
  • posted Jun 19, 2005

interesting... i like it!

Watch this

i always love image like this


probably wouldn't wear it myself but i love the design!


not a fan of black shirts, id love this in a dark green or navy


ooooooooooooo i like this. center it though??


no, keep it at the left bottom corner, if you center then it will take away from the reflection image.. i agree with SDG, i dont like black shirts but 5+$.

love the design, it caught my eye


This needs to be higher on the shirt so it doesn't go over the seam.
Looks wonderful.


interesting and very cool. not something i'd wear myself but i still love it.


Thanks for all your comments. Some of you mentioned a color change, would that help? I was originally hoping to put it on a dark (solid, not heather) grey, but Threadless doesn't seem to offer that, and I hadn't really considered putting it on something more colorful. I don't personally mind black, but it looks like some people do. Color recommendations? Any and all critiques are more than welcome. Oh and the reason it's over the seam right now is that the graphic actually ends there, it's originally from a picture and i was too lazy to fill that part in. I guess if they really won't print over a seam (which I don't understand, but whatever) then I will have to fix it.


That's really cool and well done, but I don't see it as a t-shirt.


mmm, i love the feeling of this shirt. it does seem weird on a shirt but i like it, though i have so many black shirts as it is....


love it....leave the colors...there something so vacant yet intriguing about such a stark contrast


oh, wow. super-d-duper. i'd buy that.



hells yeah


Nice design. Dunno if I'd like it on my t-shirt, but nice nevertheless


I love this. I so would wear it. Someone else might have said this already, but I don't think the design can extend past the seam on the bottom.


awesome work, i think u should leave it at the bottom


I love it. I'd definitaly buy


Very, very, very, very cool. Keep it where it is in the color it is. It's perfect just the way it is.

5 & $


" I was originally hoping to put it on a dark (solid, not heather) grey, but Threadless doesn't seem to offer that, and I hadn't really considered putting it on something more colorful."

They have a dark grey. Very dark, nearly black.
See "Damned Scientists" and "MP(3)".


It wasn't in the PS template, so I didn't know. guess that'd be cool if they did... although some people seem to be liking the black. I dunno.

got borked

gnarly! centered and color change, and i'd buy.

FiShy FaCe

id buy this for my boyfriend its hot


i like it on black. very cool


wow i love this shirt and id so buy it
i want it
so badly


caught my eye 5+$


I love the design... it's something I would buy. I'd say offer it in black (my preference) and navy. Stick with the dark colors cause the contrast works well.


this is great. leave it just the way it is. 5 $


vote 5s er else haha
just playing
but i love it so much
im so gonna get it for everyone


Very Cool


I really do like the design, though I'm not sure it would work on a tshirt...


i really like the design.. causes a strange feeling, somehow.. love black shirts, too (: 5


it's nice, but hey who says the bright colors would ruin it? maybe a nice contrast.

i don't know i would have to see it but i would play with it because black shirts are too generic for me

design is wow


I love to take photographs of just light coming through windows.
this makes me happy.


For everyone out there loving this shirt, be jealous! I have one! It does work as a shirt, and I'm witness to that. One of myt favorite pieces of clothing I own. It is amazing, I get compliments on it all the time.

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