Adolf Took My Balloon

very funny and i really like the style, and although my sense of humor is great, and i'm very irreverant, i'm not sure i could wear it yet. yet meaning 60 years out. napoleon, yes. atilla, yes. adolph, not yet.

Watch this

hahahha i wouldnt wear it butt niceee



I love this very very much. It's amazing. I would wear it. Oh yes.


hitler is rolling in his grave..good job.


such a cool shirt and title to boot.

5 + $

Wee lassie

great, made me laugh > 5


"hitler is rolling in his grave"

Wasn't hitler cremated?

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I heard that Hitler is actually still alive and that he was the mastermind behind American Idol. It was something that he and Elvis came up with while they were searching for the real JFK killer.

Meanwhile....I adore images of Adolf as a child. I used to do a comic called "Lil' Adolf" that showed him doing kid things like camping and eating ice cream.


Seriously I know like 10 people off the top of my head who would need this shirt.

Scorched Earth

I have a very irrevent sense of humour too, but I'd feel a little weird wearing this. I love it so much, but I just... couldn't bring myself to wear it.

However: If you made it a little more clear (visually) that the message was "Hitler is a douche" and not "Hitler was an adorable little scamp," then that, m'friend, would be a f├╝hrer of a different colour.


hmm yeah you could possibly include the child




You should have a little Polish kid trying to get it back!


hahahahaaa i don't think you need the child i love it as is


I don't want to wear Adolf Hitler on my boobie. Thanks though. 2


where are the other 98 red balloons?

he looks like a boyscout...

nevertheless, i like.


this is super put it in stores now !!!


Hmmm, I worry when people make light of genocidal butchers, who's next Idi Amin Dada holding hands with Milosevic or Ariel Sharon eating a pork chop? Be a little more sensitive, I showed this to a few Holocaust survivors in my neighborhood and they didn't find anything funny about it.


I agree with Diabolix. I bet the artist's sentiment is perfectly fine, but if you wore this shirt in front of anyone with a family member victimized by Hitler ... get ready for a confrontation ...


Erm... lighten up. Have you guys seen the producers? If you can't take the piss out of little guys in bad uniforms with dodgy facial hair who can you take the piss out of? And if we're talking oppresive regimes let's talk about israel illegally stealing back the west bank. Put that on a t-shirt. Bit of politics, eh?

stuck with pins
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all i'm going to ask is, did you study the holocaust? because if you didn't and you only know a little about it, i don't think you should have made such a design. but if you have a good understanding of it, then fine. but like the people above me said, any respectable holocaust survivor would not appreciate this very much.
but now talking about the design. it's a little too clip art looking for my taste. there's clip art people on my microsoft word program that look like this.



I think people are just too anal. I mean good grief, the PeTA "Holocaust on Your Plate" campaign was waaay more insensitive than this. And why would you show this to a Holocaust survivor? First off, they're mostly old, and I bet that most old people would think this was horrible. There arn't any teenaged ones hanging around, so you can't really get a fair poll on that subject.

If you had the kid he took it away from... 5. Right now it takes a second to realise that Hitler took the balloon from someone.


i agree with ciniron. on both points. i personally think its funny. 5.

  1. irreverence is a virtue


scorchedearth knows what he's talking about.


I would wear hitler on my shirt... that is great. But you could also incorporate maybe the title into the shirt or a kid... still I would wear it 5$


just a thought, what about making the balloon a world map/globe?


That won't make it any easier to accept for some folks, it's just something that might add to the art. Hitler's a tough sell on a tee. I don't think I could wear yours or mine. But I can laugh at them both!

The Clam

I dig it, I doubt I could get away with wearing it in class, maybe get rid of the shadow.

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