Angel of Peace

  • by Jer
  • posted Jun 17, 2005

Angel of Peace

Watch this

I like it, but I'd prefer if it were an actual color rather than just white.


reminds me of the butterfly from the last unicorn...maybe its the sunglasses...


I think you're being too shy about your design. Go ahead and make it take over that half of the shirt. It might need some tweeking with the curves of the image at that size, but I love the the way the curves are activating the space by shooting from the image. Yay! How about colors too? Like navy blue and neon blue-greenish?


looks like my "got my wings" a little bit, by accident i think


intersting.. clean this up pls. far toomuch going on in there


i like the fact that it is so busy, and i feel like that's why it's on white

without any text it would look cooler with a bigger image

Fall Down Go Boom

Its too small, and it demands attention in the center.
I'd like to see more plus marks, but maybe change all of them to a light shade of grey.


Bigger! It's a great design, but you can hardly see it.


Keep it down in the corner, but make it bigger so it covers more of the front. And add more colors to it, maybe something bright on a black shirt. I like the design a lot but it needs something more.


excellent design.


would LOVE it if we cooled down on the +'s, the bunny ears, and changed the color. and no i'm not being sarcastic i really like it. four.


I think I have to agree with it being bigger on the shirt. I like the location. I'm 4'ing it!


who's that? Elton John?


looks too much like thoe hp+ commercials and ads.... ubt i like your style.



don't change the color. it changes the meaning.


i love it. dont change a thing.... (well maybe a bit higher but still i love it)


I like it! Leave it right where it is, make it a bit bigger, and maybe put it on a grey shirt. I like how the design isn't perfectly clean. It adds to the feel...


i think... bigger and on a bright colour shirt? but i like it how it is too


i love it how it is! on the white and not swallowing the shirt. nice, 5$

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