The Tesco 2 Stripe Gun star hero...

  • by tomura
  • posted Jun 15, 2005

kinda nice. maybe too rough

Watch this

make the color red and put it on balck and you have yourself a deal


i like it ! :-)


get rid of the shadow and i would buy the shirt


Keep the shadow. This shirt is great!


well I love the shadow, and the fact that some "violence-inspiring" design has no red on it (lol...)
I gave it a 5

Mike the tea boy

the graphic is amazing, shadow is really good too but i feel it would look better without it


makes a change from the suited gun weilder. Cool.


Great colors, subtle, 5$


you should use the brick like background you have behind the shirt sometime I think, I like it. but the shirt's cool.


I like the black on white and I like the shadow, but I suggest making the whole grpahic smaller, simply because it is so large that when it is actually on a person you wouldn't be able to see the whole thing at once, which leads to people moving around you to see it etc., which is just annoying. It should be full on and the whole thing visible at once. You do that an I'm buying.


i think it'd be cool if the shadow of the man was holding a guitar instead of the gun. because that's what i htought it was when i first looked at it and it seemed cool. but whatever.


adidas, afros, and guns, eh?

why are there odd white lines in the shadow

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