Weeble Wobble

Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down! At least not yet. Maybe after a little more tequila.

Watch this

Ha! Nice animation and concept.


must have - its so me... blue and the grey


I really like the Denim one of this, I think that color suits the design the best.


My god, I never thought I would encounter a shirt on Weebles. The subject of many of my photoshop doodles during my senior year in high school were Weebles. This is an amazing shirt, five and a buy.


awesome! i would buy this, and it WILL be printed.


I remember that from the 70's (yeah, I'm a 70's child).

I can even hear the ditto from the advert...

I dunno if there's copyright issues here, but the design works

Springfish profile pic Alumni

I wasn't sure about the drips, that's why I supplied two versions. I also did juggle the idea of leaving the text out…but thought it worked better with it. I wouldn't put it on the left side for sure. The design would get very horizontal, plus the lean of the wobble needs the support.

Thanks for the comments thus far!


I love it, but the weeble is scary. Fix it and I'd buy. 4

coolio fo sho

\greens tight, and nice animation!


def like in the grey.

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