Give It Up

  • by Kamiblue
  • posted Jun 15, 2005


Watch this

Great illustration, but way too much for a shirt.


maybe a little smaller?


id hafta agree with blucow.


awesome. make it a poster if it doesnt get printed.


It is an awesome illustration. It doesn't work on a tee though. To much printed area.
Great illustration, would make a great CD cover!!!

side a

agreed. the illustration just doesn't work on a tee. its an awesome illustration, with great style... but it belongs in a book, not on a shirt.


I agree, really beautiful artwork, but i tend not to buy tees with such gigantic prints on them. Its beautiful though, regardelss, and i will still score it high.

d to the v

this'd be great as a poster.


simply amazing, and although it is quite large, Its a nice change from the teeny designs that many people try to pass off here


thank god someone can draw here besides me...maybe alittle smaller though. keep drawing..5 $


Fantastic illustration. Just does not work on a t-shirt though.


This is very cool. For some reason it really reminds me of queens of the stone age's album cover. It's very conventional in terms of layout, your application leans on that end as well, but i can still feel the contemporariness of it through the <3 cut out.. I'd wear it if i was a bit more sensual. Oh your color choice for the shirt goes well with your illustration style. Its all round a complete piece. dandEH!


Definetely more of a print design than a shirt design.


fantastic drawing. would have had it on a poster. reminds me a bit of Momo


i think it's beautiful. as long as the colour of the illustration does not contrast too greatly against the colour of the shirt then it shouldn't look too busy. looks nice here, just feels like it might be risky when printed. i would love a shirt like this though.

mad cat

I'd like to see it smaller, slightly less detailed, higher up.
But it would still be too religios for me.


Awesome! But as others said I don’t really see this printed.


I Love it! Great/Cute illustration and 'heart' felt.



That is absolutely gorgeous. I think if you took out the background and just had the kid, the hand, and maybe the tree it would work better on a shirt.


if i were you i would just not listen to alot of people on here..leave it alone.

Art is Hard

wow, this is a really cool illustration that would look good on almost anything. 5$


lovely piece, but probably not for a t-shirt.


cool poster


Put the graphic on the back, with a little something on ethe front. Then i'd totally buy it.


Dud this is so hot! i don't care if it's a shirt, a poster, or underpants i want it! 5$


It rocks, i dont know what it means to me it means a spiritual dilema all believers must come to meet one day if I am wrong well it still means the same to me. And i''ll buy it.

Idea Magnet

Beautiful, clean and different. I like it.


Wow. That is amazing.


Beautiful illustration, but a tad too much for a shirt, I'm afraid.



but Too much for a shirt


This is beautiful. I would certainly wear it on a shirt. $5

Sam Har

Very Special! Good work!

zekerags profile pic Alumni

I very very rarely leave comments. If this is really original art, this needs to be printed.


it's a great image but i don't think it works well on a tee shirt.


the setting of this reminds me of the begining of The Lorax. its a really great image, but way too much for a teeshirt.


its very pretty. i love when people use up the space. 5!!

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

this is an awesome amazing design. but i don't think it's meant for a shirt.
but i'm going to give it a 5 and buy because it's so well done.


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