Candy Out My Mouth

  It is a &quot;PEZ&quot; machine, but not technically by Pez for obvious reasons.    the shirt wearer is the head on the machine.  <br />
yes i realize that it cant go all the way up to the end on the shirt, just the collar.<br />
out of all my designs, I really want to see this printed. <br />
Please score high, this took forever I think its a pretty cool idea.

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lol..good one.



ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

Begging people to score high is pretty sad.


needs the lettering on the side
doesn't it usually say 'pez' up the side of the container?
and if you don't feel like infringing on pez's copyright/trademark
at least put something there, need a bit more of a hint as to what it is

Kevin Barrack

Without reading the comments, I thought this was a piece of toast somehow projecting some sort of beam up out of it. Maybe an advanced 21st century jelly beam? Great concept, but they wouldn't be able to print it all the way to the collar anyway (do you know how difficult it would be to get the alignment that accurate?). It's a funny idea, but I just don't think it's something that would be visually obvious (even if they could print it all the way to the collar edge). Maybe I'm wrong. It's a great idea in any case.


without it saying pez on the side it looks kinda silly...cant tell what it is


if you've ever had a pez dispenser you should know what this is. i got it the second i saw it. and its freaking awesome.




heheh, nice idea :-)


haw haw! Very good!! I love PEZ!


even up to the collar, this shirt would be easier to print than a two sided shirt, or a wrap around


this is kind of gross if you think about it too long. i mean, basically the shirt is kind of encouraging you to puke candy.

cool idea tho.


sorry, it's a great idea, and i know it took effort, but I just don't think it gets the idea across... i didn't think "PEZ" machine until i read your comment.


This is absolutely fabulous!!! I love PEZ!


I love it and can easily tell it's a PEZ dispenser. But then again, I collect PEZ. Anyways great idea man.


It's pretty cool, but asking to score high means I score low. I'd love my work to get printed also, just like everyone else wants theirs.

Maybe yours will get printed, begging sux tho


$5 .......very clever


I first saw it, and thought it was lame -- a pez dispenser without the head. So I rated it low, but then I saw the title and realized wearing it, you'd be the pez dispenser. Haha brilliant. $4


Sweet idea. I give it a 5, but not a buy just cuz it's not something I'd wear. But I really like the idea. Very creative.


yea, alot of people wont get it.
maybe writeing PEZ on the bottom middle.
but not really.


this shirt is not for those who dont know what it is instantly. I love it and would wear it.


I can't believe anyone wouldn't get this...

But anyway...

It'd be funny until some idiots start prying my mouth open, asking for candy.


this would go well with my PEZ shirt collection...


Maybe add "CANDY" up the side in the same lettering as PEZ is?

That would make it a definate $5.


this is so funny and i would so buy it is it is printed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


any other colors PLZ! 5 if so.
SeaFoam greens on dark blue are great together


BTW... it shouldn't have taken "forever"


BTW2... Peolple who didn't get it the instant that they saw it are ____ . no comment


are what wolsondesign? you mean people who didnt get it the instant they saw it are not fat and have all their teeth?


by forever I mean a few hours. It shouldnt have taken long but I am unexperienced in photoshop and basically use it as a "spruced-up" MSpaintshop


Nice idea. I hate the green though, especially if you're using red. Also, would Pez have any objections to such a shirt being sold? I would think they might.


I really like it, but I suggest it's a LITTLE less tilted to the side. It shouldn't be, like, facing forward, but almost.
5 regardless.


i did rough drawings of turned to the side or head on, head on didnt look right. you really couldnt tell what it was

And as for PEZ caring, not sure, but thats why I left out the brand and if (thats a BIIIIG if) this out of some shear luck gets selected threadless could add what they wish on the side


I can go through a lot of submittions to reach something unique like this.

Good job on representing retro with need.

I hope this gets produced, I would enjoy it :)


I think this is really clever, but it is kind of a stretch. :/ 4


dont really like the green that much but the design is maddd chill


I love it, but as some people already mentioned, you have to make the whole PEZ idea clearer. There is a PEZ True Type font out there, just write anything in that font next to it...


i wanted to do a pez one :( but this is awesome
and to the people who couldnt work it out , thats just silly

I HAD PEZ TODAY!!!!!!! my cookie monster pez despenser is way cooler than anything ever


Lol I love the idea alot, but at first I thought it was toast with a beam up from it too!

Miss Olivia

I love the idea. It i just a little difficult t ofigure out what exactly it is without
reading the title.

Otherwise, I'd buy it if I had the money. 5$


hahahahhhahahhahhaha!!! niice<3


wow I love it!! Very cool fun and creative! I'd buy it in a heart beat.


Polish this a bit = Threadless make it technically more printable and I'm sure this is a printer. Just that the neck area needs trimming for the screens.
Simple and printable. Really nice one.

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