• by yan_g
  • posted Jun 12, 2005

what do you feel guilty about?

Watch this

yeah i've always heard button mash. i would prefer it if it said that and if it weren't pink.


Weird. We call it buttonMashing... I guess it's different in other places. If it said mashing instead of bashing, I'd totally buy this. Bummer.


you dont really beat up the buttons...you smuch mush and mash them. i think you've just been saying it wrong your while life.


i think i'm correct in saying that in the uk it's button bashing, it's what i say and everyone i know


what the hell is button bashing


i think the fact that this "crime" has a different name in every country is more interesting that the topic itself

the shirt isn't bad, btw... its just that i dont have any reason to wear a shirt either for or against "buttonbashing"


yeah, i'm more familiar with 'buttonmashing.' still cute, though.


no no. "Buttonbashing is not a crimb!"
Its a joke from "skateboarding is not a crimb", right?


what's a "crimb?"

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Well i'm with Trashcan on this one in the UK we call it buttonbashing, or buttonbash...so thats obv why i put buttonbash, weird how its called diff stuff in diff countrys that amazing, maybe i'll have to do a diff one that says mash, which is a form of potato served with gravey, lol.


I'm going to back up my brits - we definitely call it button bashing, button mashing sounds weird.


do americans just have a crap sense of humour or is it me?

its an amazing tee shirt mate, i get the joke and i love it!


lovin the Nes controlers too


I don't like your kind.


ok not all americans just the general populous, i apologise

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I don't want my tee-shirt design comment page to become world war 3 Americans Are Cool mothers (even though they say mash)... and so are us Brits, lets all get along...ooh and theyre sega master system.


Seriously what is button mashing/bashing??


im sorry for bringing hate to ur comments page and i apologise to our brothers and sisters over the atlantic

. Its a shame such a good tee shud get picked at for cultural reasons, and they cant expect to give us programmes like Joey and Sex in the City and get away with it!

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its when you playing computer games and say your playing a fighting game ...instead of like skillfully making combos up you just hit every single button really fast repeatedly with no skill. and sometimes win, lol

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I've always heard it as button mashing, but I understood it. But that might've been because I didn't notice at first that it said 'bashing' instead? Anyway, its a nice design. I think the pink is a little too girly for most gamers, though.


What an odd controller.

And you should make a US "Mash" version.


there seems to be a strong anti-pink movement in america


I'm voting $5 on the assumption that there will be a US version that says "buttonmashing." Not that it should replace yours because I don't think one slang term is better than another--I just want one that matches my lexicon.


It's buttonbash in the Netherlands as well. Probably all of Europe.


Button Bash is good, i love it. Fond memories of those controllers too. (Double dragon) "awesome". £5


very nicely designed, actaully made me like a video-game-nostalgia shirt


Buttonbash?... bah, either SMASH or MASH...
I hate button smashers and mashers, but hey... the more people wanna suck at games by smashing buttons w/out skill, the more people I'll beat at the arcade, so hey... smash on, with all your unskillful might, please... continue to smash on. 4!


my name is eddy gordo and i take that to offense.


Definitely gets an extra point for using a Sega Master System controller (I for one am really sick of NES-centric design).

...and everyone I know uses bash, for what it's worth (absolutely nothing). Unfortunately I think that split is one reason this shirt would never be practical to print - half the market is going to be annoyed no matter what, and doing two versions would be incredibly silly.


make it "mash" but leave the pink. Very nice.

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I 'm sorry my American friends from over the pond, but i'm not designing a second shirt that says mash, because i don't want that shirt to my name.
It bash
and forvever let it be bash



I thought it was button mash.


you would get my stamp of approval had you said "button mash" this is just not slang that we in America use. I would feel weird wearing this. too bad for linguistic differences like this...


Very old school, brings back great memories.

5$ ... and must be printed!


we kids in Oz call it button bash too
awesome tee


OK....lets totally clear this up, once and for all (ive only signed up to this site so i could set you guys straight...)

a) Button Mashing - When random buttons are pressed in no desired order and with no timing e.g. ghefgreuouin...because you don't know what else to do.

b) Button Bashing - When a combination of buttons are pressed in order and at the highest speed possible, for games such as; International track and field.... e.g. X O X O X O X O X O X O

I think my work here is done, plus the t-shirt looks ace (swop pink for red)

Check u later

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