• by lsmc88
  • posted Jun 11, 2005

I feel this is just in time for the summer to make this shirt. You know how people sometimes break someone's window with a baseball when they are playing? Well, I incorporated this with everyone's favorite summertime beverage, lol. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.

Watch this

I agree, it's a good idea but you might want to make the ball bigger or something


i think it might be funny
if you showed a brick wall...with sort of an outline of the koolaid guy
and then a big puddle of koolaid and the shattered pitcher
maybe his arms and legs strewn about too
or some little kids crying or a dog lapping up some of him

sorry...seeing this made me think of how
the koolaid guy would always bust through walls
and be like OH YEAHHH
so your design of him breaking made me think of how what if one time...
the wall won?

the title could be " Oh No..."

oh yeah, your design was cool too.
maybe show the baseball next to his feet
bc it looks kind of funny that the ball hasnt hit him
yet he's already broken




It's a really funny idea, but I just think that it needs to be better executed. Cool idea, though.


The ball is inside the pitcher. It bust through.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

It doesn't really look broken. Or like the Kool Aid Man.

I can see a really awesome Glennz version of this on my head, though.


Robot Chicken. Cartoon Network. Already did it. "Oh No".


i dig it but it does need more to it i think, i get it but for people on the street who just get a glance arent goin to be able to figure it out u should put something on the back to make it more clear.........but yea i would def. purchase this shirt and i would mind explaining it either :)


I didn't even see the ball until I read the comments. It looks too much like a glare


makes me think of Dane Cook.


i almost like it, but then again i almost don't


It makes me think two things.

1) Dane Cook (he's a comedian - google it)

2) Family Guy (the tv show) had a scene where Kool Aid Man cracked his bitcher, saying "OH NO!" and dying.


lol, I didn't even think of these when I made it. Oh well

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Solastsummer, it wasn't family guy. It was the short lived and atrocious 'Shorties watching shorties'.

family Guy had him bursting through a wall and saying 'OH YEAH!' at an inappropriate time and then slowly backing away.

Just for the record.


you guys are funny


Glennz, come and save this idea!


I agree that the ball should be a little more prominent, and PLEASE put the Kool Aid guy more centrally on the shirt. I am really not a fan of this movement to put the artwork in the bottom corners of T-shirts. That's just my pet peeve but whatever.

I would buy it though, and I think the "OH NO!!!!" above his head would really cement the joke.

Ava Adore

yeah i thought straight away of the kool aid guy on family guy.


awesome consept, but i didnt even see the ball til i read ur comment


Good idea, poorly done.


Its poorly illustrated, it represents the IDEA of the kool aid man more than the koolaid man himself, I say toss this and go with a new Idea, this has been done.


Thanx for the comments guys


Hey Resonant, I don't think it was shorties, they may have done it, but this exact concept was during one of the random skits on Robot Chicken.


i love it..defnitely will buy it if it comes out..and if i stop being poor...awesome


I love it! Don't give up on it! Good Job!


busting through the wall is cool? using the front door is cool! dont touch me you drink!


You need kids drinking out of his open head and have a bunch of crap floating in it. Also a bunch of kids drinking out of it.

Plus Dane Cook was the first one to do this not Family Guy and the shorties watching shorties is on his joke.

Dane Cook is the funniest man in the world check him out at

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