• by Helvector
  • posted Jun 06, 2005

A bit of a statement, bleak landscapes, the gas masked man, hope it diesnt go that way but , well its just a but....

Watch this

i like it except i dont like how the icon looks like a perfect block needs to blend some more...i dont like box shape things that much...have the land scape stretch a little more maybe?? and then the word Earth Looks out of place but i like everything else


I like it a lot! Don't change anything, but I don't know about the possible statement though. It does seem a little "we are going to nuke each other" ala the 80's. Great design though.


wow, i very much like it. like bluemagoo said, it reminds me of the 80s. and how everyone build bomb shelters.


I'd like it better if it didn't say earth. Just 2020.. to make people think.


I love it, I'd buy it in a second.


2020 is pretty close; that's scary.


i think that if you didn't put the 'earth' it would just be 2020, and people may think of it as the show, 20/20. . . i dont know. but i really like it the way it is!! i'd buy it!

whisper in water

I don't know if you meant to do this, but the fact that you chose the year 2020 gives the statement a double meaning. You know, 20/20 vision type of thing. This is Earth through eyes that see all.
Or, maybe I'm just tired.

Either way, I score this a 5. Great message, great image, great great GREAT!


i'm diggin it. 5


Thanks for the feedabck, this was my first effort for threadless, I just have a feeling in my gut that we are heading in the wrong direction with Bush at the helm- not gna start preaching rah rah rah but that was kinda where i was coming from and yeah i was scared as hell in the 80's when i saw movies like the Day After and War Games.


Yes. I love this and fervently hope it gets printed because I would wear it until it fell apart at the seams.

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