Birth Control(ler)

  • by NOWIS
  • posted Jun 06, 2005

thi s is my first submission

Watch this

I love a pun that takes a second to get. Very nice.


The last thing I want to wear on a shirt is a fetus.


i love it!! i do!
i'd buy it in a heartbeat for my brother.


It makes me think two things:
It controls the birth, as in who lives who dies, since the fetus is already there. Like, abortion. Control the birth. Have your choice.

Or, fat kids don't get laid because they play games all day. LOLOL NERDS.

I don't know, it just doesn't appeal to me.


nice design, but somehow, the shadow seems inconsistent.

I wouldn't wear a foetus on my chest, but it still looks good.

mr cool

the ateri controller has one button not two change that then i might buy it


its creepy but attractive.. 5$


hmmm... i think the eyes of the fetus/baby should most definitely not be red. cuz... that's scary. but nice concept nonetheless. (and nonetheless is a way cool word).


hahahahahaha nasty


The shadow totally throws everything off. I really like the controller, but the shadow makes me think that the controller is sitting on the ground, but the fetus is floating, or stuck to the wall. Also I thought maybe it was in a spoon or a balloon?

Basically if the area around the fetus looked more like the womb it would make more sense. But I guess it's too late for all that huh?


fetuses are so 1970's.

stirsticks' prediction

At first I thought it was a balloon
Then it looked like a demon baby
That red eye is very creepy


I dont like the location of the fetus, too much like a balloon and its placement seems awkward - too straight up and down.. Otherwise I like the idea.


The whole concept is just creepy.


"thats deep

i like it<3"

ha, blondie... you need to get out and see real people more often.


i like where you're going with this, i don't have any real constructive advice, but it looks like it needs some work still. i like the concept though.

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