Duck Hunt

Its basically the duck hunt gun from NES, but I removed the "Nintendo" and changed some details on gun just to make sure.

Sore it please.

Watch this

It's too rough. I'd like it if it had a cleaner look.


i know I tried to change it from the original toy so I wasnt a copy


my gun was all grey... i guess im old ;) its cool but maybe put a duck or something like that silly dog on it... maybe shoot the dog cos he was annoying... he always teased us so... sigh.


i know----that ****'n dog.....always messing up my game!!!! tee-heeheeheeeehehe.....argh...

travis76 profile pic Alumni

yeah, this is second gen nintendo. all grey represent!


It being on green reminds me of when I'd turn on my NES and it would blink green. That really pissed me off.

I like this. It seems a little empty though. But good nontheless.


actually, i like the rough feel.


mm i like. my NES gun was orange.


I love my NES, but I dont love NES themed shirts. Sorry.

ResonantFish profile pic Alumni

You know when you go into the dollar store and see a Batman figure made of thin plastic and he's green and has all of these visible screws in him and the package says 'Spectacular Night Heroes!'



man i totally owned at that game with the ducks.


the duck hunt gun had visisble screws...if thats where you were going with that


i'd totally get it if you moved the gun image towards the bottom and the cable going around to the back.

Sauza Gold

i like this
but the placement
bugs me for some reason.

zekerags profile pic Alumni

what is a SNES plug doing on the end of a NES zapper?


awwww. i would have bought that too.


needs more of a concept behind it....and the gun needs to be cleaned-up/redrawn. kinda looks like you just trace bitmapped in flash.

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