show and tell

yeah, it's my first submission - let me know what you think...

Watch this

I love the graphic.

Have you thought about playing with the placement, off center, higher or lower, maybe smaller like a logoed polo over the breast.


this is the kind of submission i love to see on here, quirky , odd, and kind of funny, i dont know if i agree with having it in the pocket area but making it smaller would help


love it! great concept! makin it smaller would be a good idea too! i don,t agree with puttin it on the pocket or breast area, but maybe a little lower on the shirt( only if you wanted it to stay large though)!


Great sense of humor...funny and cute...


Awesome, I'd totaly buy that as is. Well done.

Wee lassie

$5 - great shirt! :)


Graphic is a little bit too big, but otherwise its good. Five and a buy.


Aw yeah a little smaller and perfect! :D


Smaller, yes. The idea of making it pocket sized makes me think a cute graphic would be the little guy coming out of a pocket. Science project escapes.


thanks dudes! yeah, i'm thinking i will make it a bit smaller and resubmit (if i can do that - not sure what the dealio is) but thanks for the feedback! good to know my doodling isn't as aimless as i'd imagined it to be.

Mr Rocks
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I would add another a light blue behind all the glass area and lose the dark green, so you still only have 4 colours. But otherwise I like it. A 5 from me to a fellow kiwi.


cute! will defenitely keep an eye out for it.


awesome, well done. I count three colours... and the only thing that bugs me is the shadowing. Maybe choose a 4th colour for that or make it a halftone or striped pattern. size it down 80 percent and it's a winner ;)


there are already 4 colours - there's a second green for some shadowing on the wee green dude... but yeah, there's a good chance that i'll rework it if it doesn't get a good response. :)


smaller would be ace. then you could put it slightly off centre higher up. the colours are nice, i'd buy it. but the white where his/her/its hands are pressed against the glass are a bit weird, maybe change that for the dark green? and scrap the dark green under the mouth too. =)


love the picture. reminds me of doodling in class. icanseeforever's detail appraisal (with the color patches) is right on.


would love this design if it was a wee bit smaller. it'd be nice to still see the concept as a whole, while wearing an open button-down shirt over it.

jiminey jones

make it smaller and off centre and i'll definately buy it dude!


I LIKE the color detail that icanseeforever critiqued. I wouldn't want it changed. 5, and $ if it were a tiny bit smaller.


It's so sad! Still, $5


i love thisss!!!


this would look so awesome on a lighter shirt.

Ady bear

i like alot! 5 out of 5!


hehee, good one!!

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