At At Boo Boo

poor lil' guy

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that is the fuuniest thing i seen all week, 5 def buy


Call me a nerd, but it's a five and a buy.


Pretty funny... but I think it would be better if you wrapped a leg a bit or something... make an obvious "boo boo" so it's more obvious why the collar is there. With the color, it almost looks like a baby's bonnet otherwise.

... and please, another shirt color option! A light gray?

Iwouldbejosh profile pic Alumni

This is great, but I don't like the colors as they are. Why can't the walker be grey? Actually... I think that this could work best as just outlines. It's funny either way, though.


I think this is a perfect shirt. I would buy it in a second.


great idea, btu the walker needs not be grey not red, and i agreee with semanti, it needs a reason for the collar.

still funny as hell though! ;)


i meant "needs to be grey not red"


i agree - make it grey!


now that's awesome. it's a relief to finally see a good shirt again


Love it - leave the colors as is. I want this shirt ASAP.

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hahaa. that´s funny :)


Hahhahaha, I can't stop laughing. That's fantastic.


Oh gosh, I hope this isn't made into a shirt just because I will never hear the end of how awesome it is cause I know plenty of people snapping this up.

But I love it :)


Nice, great idea, dont like the colors though


GREAT SHIRT!!! I agree with a bandage on the leg and different colors. I'd say grey AT-AT on a white shirt.
Very Funny!


You can't NOT print this - it's fantastic!
Five And Buy.


Actually, animals wear those things to prevent any self-injury that scratching might cause. It has nothing to do with being in an accident.

Now that that's cleared up, I don't think you need a bandage at all. But I do agree that a grey walker would be better.
Hillarious! $5


great design and concept but i have to agree with the other posts regarding the colors. black t-shirts have such a 'stigma' about them. outlines might work better, too.


I liked it in red, on black.

Uncle Martha

Leave it just as it is, I love it! I laughed well and truly! Too funny.


5 and a buy. I LOVE IT. it requires knowledge of something other than just looking at the shirt. Brilliant. It would be better on another color, but I'd still buy it.


That is awesome, reminds of this picture I drew of chewy awhile ago. I was actually thinking about submitting but....maybe overkill.



I will buy that. Not on black or ash or heather though. Dark grey... or maybe change the red to grey and put it on a dark shirt.

Cool though.


sorry to burst the bubble, but there's a few too many colours in there, though that could be solved by making the collar thing the same colours as the at... thing... but oin those reds it just wouldn't stand out on the black anyway so they'd need to be changed too...


Love it just the way it is. The AT-AT has to be red, because if it were grey then it would just look like a normal picture of an AT-AT... and the red colors are perfect, it has a tech-y michel gondry/colourform thing going on. love it -


Definitely a 5! --very very funny!




sorry to burst the bubble, but there's a few too many colours in there

I count four.

And I stand with a bandage... or change the color of the collar. It makes it look like a baby this way.


AWESOME - 5 and I'd buy it. Friend would too.


Hello all,
It is amazing to get so many comments. I really appreciate it. I fully understand peoples issues with the colors. I suffered over what I thought worked best, but I did want to get away from the actual At-At color. The design is in-fact 4 distinct colors, but could be simplified if necessary. Again thanks for the praise and advice. And thanks Threadless for a great forum for T-shirt lovers everywhere.


I like the red. I wouldn't buy it in grey.
I also love the light blue dog cone.
Oh, crap. There ARE five colours (darker red in the face and back leg.) Am I seeing it wrong?
Just the way it is, I would buy it.


Hello again,

Now that "little hobbit feet" has pointed out where I think there may actually be an extra color. If the design is chosen I will remedy it of course.


yeah... 2 tones of blue, 3 tones of red and if you decide to swtich from black (which I'm not suggesting) it would make 6 total colors.

I think it's badass, but it would be cool too if he was missing his back too legs and had one of those doggy wheel chair things that they drag behind them you know what I'm talkin about?? that'd be funny shit. Well done though, switch it to grey walker and a white neck brace thing and I'm all over buyin it.


I like it, it doesn't need a bandage. You see a collar like that on a quadriped and you know exactly what it is. I'd prefer a different background color but it's a great design, nice detail, I'd buy it as it is.


if he DID have a bandage, id make it a stomach wrap type, just to reference the hoth scene where luke slices him open and throwes that grenade in there.

but even if nothing changed id HAVE to buy this shirt.
people would get mad at me if i didnt


so funny , hahahahaah.... i like it .


Holy crap... that is the funniest thing I 've seen all month


i love this. it got a good belly laugh out of me. definitely would buy one for my starwars obsessed buddy and one for a not so avid occasional movie watcher me.


I love it. Life colors would have worked too.


OMG! that is fan-f**kin'-tastic $5

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