Blade Smoker

  • by Treshe
  • posted Jun 02, 2005

Hey everyone! my first submission, hope someone likes it. It's a little bit inspired on Blade Runner, with a lot of mysterious women that smoke :)

Watch this

waaaaaaaaaaay cool. i would get it if it wasn't an ifc shirt, but still very cool.


Love it! I like how the smoke travels across the shirt, and how the cigarette end looks so bright against the dark brown...Would love to buy it!

Onward to Utopia

if you just had the hand w/ the cigarette and the smoke going op the side of the shirt it would be totally awesome


Yeah I tried some things out with that hand.. was kinda hard to figure out. Thanks for the comments :)


hm, i think the hand is kind of weird, it could use some more work - and i don't agree with onward - i like the smoking head! :)


yeah, if it didn't have the ifc logo, i'd get it for sure.


I love the smoke, but I dont like the woman. It looks like her hair was stlyed to look like an elephant.


if i didn't know what ifc was, and i saw someone wearing this on the street, i'd think that ifc is a cigarette company


that's smoke? shoot, i thought it was coffee rings


I think her hand would look better if the lines were thinner, like the one on her chin. Without the logo and with some minor hair changes, I'd wear it.


that's pretty awesome stuff, I would probably buy it

(black shirt possibly?) haha I'm a sucker for the color black


Awesome save the IFC logo. Ditch it and it'd be much hotter, in my opinion.


yes I should make the hand a little thinner, I agree. And actually I first made the IFC letters not so obvious in the form of the hand, but my submission was declined because of a missing IFC!
So I decided to put it in there where you can't miss it ;)


it looks like pulp films meets art nouveau...
kinda neat. but needs work to be neat-o


Sick, sick, sick of IFC...but I like this design. Loose the IFC, put it on a white, or grey shirt and I'd buy it!! Great first try.


whoa, wats going on it just me, or is this shirt a bit confusing? i hear other people talking about a woman, but i honestly, try as i might, i cant see her...whatever. but ya, lose the ifc, maybe just the hand, smoother smoke....make it a bit simpler....but ya, its still an awesome shirt. cool!


That smoke is awesome.


if your computer is in the sun you can't see heron the brown shirt no :D
thats why she's also on the white
thank you though!

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