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  • by deathbed
  • posted May 29, 2005

this is fucking BOSS. i'd so pimp this shit. AMAZING message.

Watch this

love this... even if this is not the winner it needs to be printed...


best IFC shirt I've seen so far


this is the best IFC one i've seen too. there's more to ifc then quentin tarantino y'all.


even without ifc this should be a regular print


I don't know if it's just me but is that a skull and crossbones on the buck/moose's snout?

I really like it though. $5


Definatley the best IFC shirt so far. I like it much!


Great! I like this !


You get my vote for best IFC shirt so far simply because this is not covered in guns and blood splatters. Nice job.


Great idea. Reminds me a little of Garden of Evil, but still very original. Hope this one finishes high.


Oh yeah,I so love that design.5+$

NO intro


very original.

however, i think it'd look better on the side of the the bottom...but that's just me.



i love this design. dont change anything.


and the winner is........
this is great, well done:)


Very nice design, clean and simple; brings out the human-hater in all of us.



i wish this wasnt for the contest and therefore didnt have ifc on it and maybe a better chance of being printed...its nice and random and im digging it, hehe


if it doesn't get printed for ifc i'll put it up again without the ifc, and maybe some small changes, or i'll just try and make another design and hope you guys like it as much.


awesome dude....


I would probably buy it w or w/o the IFC logo...


i'd buy it with or without. its amazing.


it's a nice illustration. but i don't see how this works for Pulp Month...


this is wonderful!
i am in love with the turtle... for some odd reason.
$+5 mos def, yo.


best ifc shrit (im sick of the blood and guns)


Great concept. Not diggin it for the IFC "Pulp Month" though. Definitely resubmit without the ifc logo in the normal threadless area.


I wish this was just a regular submission, not IFC. LOVE IT! I wish I had greedy killer animals on a shirt of my own!


Love this most of all the IFC designs, because IFC isn't cool enough to get it.

the fananana

THIS IS SO AWSOME!!! I would ware this all the time, its so cool i dont even mind the ifc logo which i usually do its soooo cool. If this dosent get printed it will be a huge disapointment.


i love it. it's brilliant. would be even better as a regular shirt.


i shall elaborat on this shirt a bit more... i was first thinking to make a design for the wired competition.. had some ideas but never came to realize them... the general concept i was going for was.. power and behaveure shifting.. the difference between animals and humans growing thinner.. animals behaving more and more like humans and vica versa.. so you'd eventually get to the poit where some humans are more animal like then most animals itself.. it would even get to the point when you'd see a dog giving a walk to his pet human in the park (this was sort of my setting for the wired comp.) so that whole story kinda blend in when i was making a shirt for this competition..
(sorry if my english doesn't make sense sometimes..i'm dutch)

Ava Adore

reminds me of garden of evil too, but this is better!


cool, maybe even a dead animal under a sheet would be great


This is my favorite IFC shirt, but after looking closely, the green on the bird doesn't make sense. Green everywhere else is money, and the animals are done in monotone. Make the bird all grey, and if you want put some money in its beak or something. That's my 2 cents.

Also, Threadless, if printed put this on DARK GRAY, screw that heather crap.


I really dig this shirt. Except why in the hell is there an ostrich with a bunch of Forest animals? That one doesn't really make sense, but then again they are boxing and gambling...


Aww, cute! It's hard to see, though.


I actually wish it didn't have the IFC logo. The idea is BRILLIANT!! Great job.


SWEET! If this doesn't get picked for the IFC deal, I hope it gets printed somehow cuz I'm in love with it!


Mid Bit

Shit, that is seriously good. Just the bear fucking sweet. And the turtle aswell. Well done. I aggree that its the best IFC shirt, good luck in the comp, you've got my vote.

Onward to Utopia

OH...MY...FREAKING...GOD this shirt is hilarious. this totally blows away every other IFC shirt, you are the first truly origonal disigner on this contest. Well Done ur gettin a SIX for this crap

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Hey prins, thanks for the feedback (and compliments) on my design.
Congratulations on a high scoring design. The bear clutching the greenbacks is my favourite.
Gotta say I also love your 'Good Intentions' design.
Good luck in the comp.

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