Hungry Hippo

I rather like this one. Loosely based off of a drawing I did. The drawing was much darker and more realistic however. Leave some comments please.

Watch this

the hippo looks scary. i like the colours.


Thanks. Yeah, the hippo is supposed to look scary. The first one I made had huge teeth and looked really mean, i decided to fix that before anything else. Later


I love that game. Shh...don't tell anyone!.

I'd buy this!


Thanks, I love the game too. It's been a while since I played it, atleast 10 years, maybe more. Making this kinda makes me wanna play it again. Did you ever put pennies or something on the opposite side as you to slightly tilt the marbles towards you? I've done that before....I mean, yeah, me neither.


well done, but I can't imagine it would get printed...copyright infringement.


Thank you. Hope it has a shot, i mean, it doesnt say hungry hungry hippos, which is the name of the game. It doesnt even really make a specific reference. I mean, it could be just a hippo that got hungry and ate a floating orb....oh and his lower jaw could be under water. Anyways, i'm just rambling cuz i'm tired....later


Good idea, but the hippo looks kind of un-hippo-ish. Maybe if the hippo looked more kid-friendly? Unless it's not supposed to?


Maybe smaller graphic? Really neat design though.


without text this would pwn.


there are two hungry's

hungry hungry hippo


Really? You think it would be better without the text? I'm not really sure. Oh and about the two hungrys, yeah i know, but i only put on one to avoid copyright laws and stuff.


this is a really nice illustration but i feel like you're going in 2 directions...the hippo combined with the ball obviously makes me nostalgic for the game...but the fierceness of the hippo scares me away from that nostalgia...ideally, for me, you'd friendly up the hippo a bit...and definitely drop the words...the design speaks for itself and you dont need them...i really like wher ethis is going


color is a bit funky, and hippo teeth are much more square, not sure why you chose to make them pointier? clever idea though. keep it up


lose the text and you don't have to worry about:

a) copyright laws
b) how cheesy the text is


it looks more like a T-Rex rather than a hippo


the revision you've done is a lot better, i would buy it, but not as it is here


same as trashcan: i really like the friendly, unworded shirt--I would buy that


o great memories. that game was awesome. but you should look at the original hippos in the game. this one looks scary. wheres his pupil?


Good revisioning. I'd keep the 'scary look' and just lose the text. It goes without saying that this is one hungry hippo! =)


yeah, i liked the revised version much better.

5 for revised, 3 for this one

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