• by navemac
  • posted May 22, 2005

a revision of a previous submission. maybe this one's good, maybe not.

Watch this

Hmmm, a 747 going down...


Ha it would be funny to wear this on an airplane.
It's kind of lame though, it looks like you just copy and pasted a bunch of planes.


mite get sum 911 related complaints. a bit too much. r u trying to make a WWII reference?


i like this. it looks nice 5$


For those with constructive criticism, thanks. For the something and then I'll take you seriously. I'm not saying I'm a professional or my designs are amazing, I want criticism, but some people are ridiculous.


neato, cheeto! i like it a lot, but i kind of think older looking planes would be neater.


agreed. i think fighter planes would be cool... ppl would get a little emotional over these, i believe. [due to the whole 9-11 crapola] and then a khaki background for an antique look... oooo, the possibilities. keep on' truckin!


No criticizium, just questions.
Why are the planes flying under the arm ?
Why are comercial planes flying in formation ?

People like tee shirts that make them happy.
This shirt seems to be about disaster!
Maybe you should strive to be professinal, or amazing, instead of just being ridiculous.


As an aspiring art director, my one comment would be that these types of planes (commercial) usually have the big engines on their wings. Smoke doesn't just funnel out the rear. Unless maybe it's being shot down, then that would be cool.


At first glance I liked it, I like simplicity and I also like planes. The whole (9/11) crap, please people. I would rather see older planes though that or all the planes falling? I do like the commerical plane idea but I'm not sure if it works with this.


I would wear it if they were older WWII era planes.
I hate to say it, but I would hesitate to wear it as it currently is, due to the whole 911 thing.
I may not personally mean anything by it, but I don't feel like hurting my friend's feelings who had friends die in that ordeal. You know?
I really really dig the formation of the planes though. It's a beautiful design that I just wish had different types of planes.


of all the shirts i have seen so far on this site, this is one of the few where the placement is not just slopped onto the shirt, but is part of the design. a+ for that.

as far as offending people - what DOESN'T offend somebody. besides, why is the image of the wtc ok, but this one not. let's say that that IS what the shirt is about - maybe it's someone's way of remembering. it's silly for 9/11 to be an arguement of why this shirt is good or not.

something about the placement of the planes underneath the one going down bothers me a little. the ones on the right going diagonal. i'm not sure why. but overall, i think it's really well done.


seen it - or at least, the idea - all too often before. if it wasn't for that, I'd say well done.


thanks for the constructive criticism. if this thing goes nowhere maybe i'll tweak it a bit.

as for matthk, when have you "seen this...all to often"?


ya dude keep it on the dark grey ..5$


dude, nic e shirt
they're just planes. everyone and their 911 paranoia need to chill out.


the planes are outlining what looks like ot be george washingtons head.
if you would have done that on urpose, that would have been awesome.

but im probably the only person who sees it.


aaand my typing is rancid.


" for matthk, when have you "seen this...all to often"?..."

Um, everywhere, "all too often" as in, too often to remember.
In London, Dublin, Ediburgh, Brussels - all over the joint.
And a few years back too. I'm not saying it's rubbish, nor am I saying it's a rip-off. I'm just saying this kind of thing has been done before, a lot, and although I don't dislike it, I'm a bit over it and would like to see some newer ideas from you. cheers, matt

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