the killing tree

distrubingly awesome. love it

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Slade xTekno

That is so twisted, but strikes me as something so very significant...


that's brutal

very interesting


Quite disturbing but very well thought out! I like it but I wouldn't wear, but I am sure heaps of others will though.

Nutter Butter

Cheer up, christmas is just around the corner! :)


The symbolism is incredible. This is one of those shirts I would save up for to buy. Great idea and you get a $ and 5!


Overall I like the design, however I do not like the box around it which seems to be black but then you can see the lines. Ya know?


Evil. Me likey. $5

johnny the fairy

omg. It's so fantastickly disturbing , I think I would actually cross the street if I saw someone wearing that shirt. Pretty freaky


love the idea


when are you emo kids going to cheer up?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Supurb concept. Poor execution.


if emo kids cheered up then threadless would go down the tubes...

I'd say make it slightly smaller and bring it up a tad


this the most frickin cool shirt that i've ever seen!!!! i'd buy a hundred of these shirts!!!!


ok concept, the off-black box around the image bothers me more than the image itself.


I dont care what anyone says you did an awesome job.......when i get some cash that shirt is going into my collection of awesome shirts i wear!!


I don't know, I think this might be a winner. I'd wear it. My points of advice would be to remove the 'stars' and make it smaller.


The lines are all blurry... that on purpose? Good concept, just doesn't seem very.. interesting.


Amazing concept. I couldn't wear it, but its lovely.
I also say lose the stars and box and make it a bit smaller, and this could be a huge success.



Lose the box.


deep...nice idea. i like! innocent and creepy! i'd like it in the back of a shirt though.


dag... strong message but its not really something that I see myself wearing. But wow... I really like it, just not on a shirt. Def going to be a big seller though.


thats just sooo creepy


i love it. print it already.


evertyhing's already been said, but I would like to add.

cool concept, dark and disturbing, but good...

bad execution, especially with the tree.

it looks like when your six and try to draw a tree and the limbs look like big fat arms and there are like only three of them.

bad tree. bad tree.


oh wait... but I'm an asshole

because I just realized he probably had to make the tree all short and scraggly cuz of the limited printable area.

all things considered, it was pulled off pretty well.



dude, i f'ing love it! I would buy it in a heart beat. I'd buy it yesterday if I could. I hope it wins, because if it does, i'm snatching that baby up asap. Love the design, and the concept.


AWESOME shirt. i love it. i think you should just take the stars out.

wonderful idea.


Great concept,I´d immediately buy it.I love everything about this shirt,please don´t lose the stars,they fit in perfectly.5+$


i really love this shirt, but i think it needs to be a little smaller.


i like it, it shows that everyday people die and people are born. but that's the way i see it


i would take the snow or stars away.... they don't seem to have much significance. i think if they were gone, more attention would focus on the guy and girl, not just the whole picture. otherwise, clever, dark idea.


a goths favorite shirt...not my speed..but its good for the darkies

stuck with pins
stuck with pins profile pic Alumni

as updated info on this shirt: i'm erasing the stars, that weird box in the back was a mistake. it wasn't supposed to be there. i fixed it, now it's gone. and the whole picture is smaller. it looks a lot better. and thank you to everyone who helped me out with this.
keep scoring this if you want to see the finished result. : )


Totally bleak. I love it.


under the uv, in the nightclub, staring at your shoes, doing the goth two step. It's perfect!


love it.
fantastic job.


This design literally broke my heart, as soon as i saw it moved me. Suicide thats the first thing that came to mind and i tghink this can have multiple effects in socviety, this is a winner a must sell! must have!



awesome shirt but i dunno if i'd ever wear it


Same here.


I must have it
and I'm happy to hear you deleted the stars.


Awesome shirt!


this shirt creeps the shit out of me

but it is so cool

and i wish i had the idea, even though i don't think i could wear this shirt

i'm giving you a 5 and $ so all these other people can have your freakin sweet shirt

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