Ain't no Candyland

  • by EddieA
  • posted May 07, 2005

Hey let me know what you think. This is my first submission to, so give me some love!

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Ian Leino
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Really nice job on the game pieces, but the design is enormous, and the text is kind of annoying and overstated.


Well its supposed to stand out, its freakin cool :-P jk, but whatever :-) thanks!


really nice work on those peices.


cool xiv thanks for the input!


well... definatetly shrink it down.. and that little pink thing looks a lot like a penis. maybe that was intentional, but uhh.... I'm a not a fan of penis shirts.


i think you may have some copyright legal issues there buddy


Bat, the peg isn't a penis, if you've ever played life you'd know. And Hobo, there are no copyright issues here you're can't really copyright shape, and I'm not mentioning anything about a particular game. But, thanks for the comments! :-)

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You should have stuck with candyland and candyland only....
so phallic, and it stands out so well cause it's pink and nothing else is.


Tuna, It actually doesn't look that bad up close. AND if you people have played life and we're being so perverse about it :-P then maybe it'd be all good in the hood! But thanks for the comment.


Neat idea. And I disagree on sticking to candyland and candyland only, that sort of kills the text.

I do agree that the peg looks phallic. But what can you really do right? The little bit at the top of the pegs from life are pretty small, and trying to emulate that would take away from the roung cartoony-ness of the image.

I also agree that the graphic would look better smaller. Chest instead of full.


Thanks for the comments Robot and actually it's vectored right from a photo I took for referance, so the peg is how it really is in the game. Thanks!


Dammit stop with the penis thing :-P lol and Chameleon, thats where you're wrong it is 4 colors. the pink is white and red real close, a "half tone".


pssshhh, silly


The text doesn't seem to support the images; was there a car or peg in that game? "Life's no game" might be more suited..?? Just comments; graphics wise it's good to look at.


Alright maybe you don't quite get it.

"Sorry"= sorry game piece.
"Life" = car and female peg from the game life.
"Candyland" = gingerbread-man game piece from the game candyland.


i love the idea (candyland = the best), but it'd be better to keep it all candyland. and the pink thing does look like a penis and i'm not a fan of penis shirts either. other than that, love the idea.


OMG you guys never played life?


'ain't no candyland' is kind of white trash and it seems like you could find it at some kind of souveneer shop.


Sweet! thats positive feed back, thanks megggan!


If you want to get real feedback as a designer you need to take both the good with the bad. I personally don't have a problem with the "phalic" game piece and I think it's a decent premis but I agree that the entire graphic is too large.


so cute


The problem with the pink thing is the fact that the actual game pieces have flattened square bodies, then the little round heads on top. And they aren't that tall in the little cars, just make it sit down a little farther and it won't look so phallic.

Other than that, lose the whole square the text is on, shrink the design, and I'll love it.


Thank you ykcir.

And Talierin-I suppose you didn't see my other post up there with this link, , that shows, how I did the peg is exactly like it is in the real game. But thanks you for the feed back!


i think the design is awesome!!!!
such an awesome idea!!!!! very clever!
i hope you win!


hey the comment i left was in your name....
why did it to do that???

well ppl that last comment was mine^^^


AHH!? How weird... But thanks "cold246"


i like this a lot - but it def. needs to be much smaller, maybe half the size!

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pretty awful. I'd try again dude.


Haha, That sound like a pretty good board-game square!

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