Which blue are you?

  • by Unusual?
  • posted Apr 30, 2005

Which blue are you?

Watch this

cool idea, but not enough effort in the design to get my favourable vote sorry


This is a fantastic idea I would buy it.


I would be such a smarty pants if i had a t-shirt like that.
I like it lots. well done, unsusal?


nice idea, horrible font.


nice idea, needs better execution (layout/ font)


deff. more thought needs to be done for the font.

technically isn't this 3 different designs, since each shirt has the info for which blue it is, then if it did win you would only get to print one, and then the whole title to the shirt would be lost.

i wouldn't mind just seeing one type color of shirt, with the color codes places on it with a good typeface


i really like this! i would def. buy it! Fonts could use a little sprucing up though... awesome!


Don't like the placement. I love blue though!


I love the idea, but not exaclty eye candy. If i wore that to university (graphic design based) nobody would flicker an eye lid.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i caught so much shit for this placement on my 'revolutionary design'...i hope you have better luck with it.


Blue is the hardest color to reproduce accurately. YOU, my friend, have done it. Lovely.



$17 for bad typography and to know the color codes of my shirt all the time?

ill get an iron on if im desperate.


Thanx for all the comments!!
The typography is really bad and there is no excuse for it. I submitted it last minute purely for the idea behind it.
Thanx for takin the time to view my design :)


something cool about this-i like it


Homanz. You should do this of ALL the colors!


i like this design a lot, but having absolutely nothing to do with how good it is,i just won't wear shirts that have stuff that low. maybe it's a self conscious girl thing.


That's awesome, but I can't rate it anymore...


i know this contest is way over, but i just wanted to say that i like the idea of this shirt. i don't know if it's well-suited for everyday wear, but it could easily be the center of a brilliant print ad campign for a some sort of graphics or printing company . . . or a giveaway at a deisgn conference. i can't imagine just buying it for the heck of it though. still, awesome concept!

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