en francais...mon petite chou.

Watch this

it's je t'aime ... not "j'taime" :\


not trying to burn, I just think he/she could've taken two seconds to make sure they got the words right.


Hmm, I hope none of the 100 are lesbians.


I love the graphic! I'd buy!

the aesthetic imperative

if i had only paid more attention in french class!!! how silly of me! of course, the text could be easily changed...thanks for the heads up special agent x5x6x7...and for those beautiful contestants who enjoy female energy, two crosses it is!


Once you spell it right, it'll be fab


I like the idea that it could also come in two female symbols.


At first I thought it was two crosses.

forecast fascism

this is great. definately would buy it in both fem symbols. $5


I like the male/female version. If you fix the french, I might buy this for my fiancee'.

Diirty G

Spot on my friend ;) $5


Je t'aime. not j'taime.

I like the use of the male/female signs though


i can dig it


Cool idea with the esposes, but change the colour, please!!!


the handcuffs are 3d but the symbols are 2 d. am i the only one that thinks thats annoying?
pretty good execution though. the J kind of looks like an F cause of the little thing in the middle, and if the french were right it would be much better obviously.


Change the font and spelling, then voila. Cash from me.


I love it but the words are spelled wrong ;_;


I love this shirt, the pink and the handcuffs, good luck!!


i'd say, to text whether or not you change it so it's right. the image is strong enough on it's own, you don't need to hit the viewer over the head with the message. also it makes more sense in an "can't live with them, can't live without them" sense. I also think it should come in three versions, male/female, female/female and male/male. no need to change the color though, because i'm sure that most of my gay guy friends would love it even more if theirs was pink. good design though. i want to give you a 5 and a buy, but i can't as long as the text is wrong/there at all.


i don't really care if the word is misspelled or whatever, the image is awesome ...nah, change the spelling please, because French is (one of the) language of love.



Creative idea, good job :D
i like the text supporting the graphic, just yeah, fix up the text :)


i say put hearts all over the tee hsirt!


the perspective and sizes/shapes of the arrow and cross could be a bit thinner
they're too blocky at the moment
i think this fits the theme well without the need for the text


Sweet, fix the spelling and to both girl signs i'd be the firts to buy it!


Remove the text and it's a decent shirt. Also, read up on your francais.


make it in a different color than pink and I'd definetly get it


I love it. And I would buy it without the text change,and I like the male/female signs.

But I would never stop getting comments from people on the fact that it's spelled wrong, so if you could be a dear and fix it . . .

bigtime 5

capt. beck

no... your a little cabbage head!!!! (see first comment) (yes thats what 'ee said)


The j t'aime should be handwritten or something less font looking...more freestyle...maybe take up more of the shirt with the text sort of scribbled and more diagonal following the line of the handcuffs. It's not something I would buy...just because it's kinky....but it's cool you know if you're into that...I think it works well with that genre of shirt.


i too would love it with correct spelling... je t'aime


I know this has no relation to the actual topic but this is a fucking sweet shirt! i'd totally buy this...

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