Slug And Salt Shaker

  • by fraxyl
  • posted Apr 12, 2005

Zany, yet awesome. Awesome, yet slightly unnerving.

Watch this

i like it!! it'so..... i dunno. but i would buy it!


i think the slug should be smiling more, though. like it doesn't know what's coming.


too many colours. and i hate having to look at a title to get a design.


i like the salt shaker, i dunno the about the snail..


I like them both slug and salt shaker -
I and I got it from the get go -

But there are too may colors -

4 - I'd buy


I don't like the snails eyes. I think it shouldn't have a nose either. Just a mouth. And different eyes. Still, with a little tweaking i would buy <3


i like this! i like it alot. and the eyes of that snail, they add to the effect i'm thinking. i don't think i'd like it so much if they weren't there. never change that! but does this go with the contest? oh well. i don't believe it really matters in life.


The salt shaker looks like a rock. Why can't it be glass with a metal lid like most shakers? It would add a lot more comedy to those who view this. Also, I'm having issues with the snail face since the eyes should be on the end of the antennae like doo-dads. Additionally, I feel like he should be slightly more upset since the salt shaker spells his untimely death. Maybe more of a grimmace? Right now he just has the expression that I get when I find out I have to have dinner with some of my parent's more obnoxious friends. And finally, and this is really minor, but technically that animal is a snail. Slugs have no shells. So maybe your title should reflect this. But it's a very cute shirt for all the criticism I've given.


Freaking awesome


Yes, too many colours...and i agree with themidtownkoala about the snail's eyes.

But other than that, this is such a cute design, i would buy it if you tweaked it a bit. :D


I like this, but as someone said, you've gotta read the title to get it (I thought the shaker was a rock too.)
Add a plastic base on it, or even the word Salt or S.

Snails have shells, slugs don't


how about not posting this to the maxim competition?


I second the suggestions made about the salt shaker and the slug. But i love the concept and with a few changes i would totally buy it.

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Everyone's a critic. But not everyone needs to have every detail spellled/drawn out to them. Meaning: this illustration is perfect the way it is....EXCEPT for the color issue, whick could be easily altered for print purposes.


I like the Zainy comment..... Dont kill the snail.... he just wants to be loved


the shirt is a cool idea, tho ithe snails nose annoys me but pretty cool, id buy it!


great idea yes - but what is up with all of the shirts that are being posted here and for sale? It is like they are all trying to be funny and clever and really it just looks like a shirt you would find at target or kmart!!!! Let's leave the jokes and cheesy antics to the folks at the retail stores- make some stuff that is actually attractive


poor little old snail. the salt is awefully happy to see him.


I'd buy it after a few improvements. please submit it again.


i like the artwork but i see 6 colors. haha


I hope they're friends. :)


Yeah - make it a slug - not a snail. I think the salt shaker is obvious - I see no need to change that


love it!


I think it's cute. But the salt shaker should be more...salt shaker-ish.


HA! :) if I was a snail I`d look witht he same astonishment "gosh, somebody would like to eat me? :O hahah


Yeah I had to read the title to get that it was a salt shaker.
Just put an S on it and it should be good


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