Zombie Survival Kit

4 colors: black, white, brown, and a mid-light gray. Full size dimensions of the graphic are roughly 10" x 5" at 300 dpi.

I am pleased with the end result of this design. It is well balanced. It has a pleasant amount of similarity between the 3 main objects (text, gun, machete), and attains necessary variety from the graphic shapes making up the shotgun and the machete.

The typeface Haettenschweiller was chosen because it is very readable in headline style . The typeface was also most suited because the heighth and width of the text block have a similarity to the dimensions of the other objects.

This design is most visually attractive on the khaki color shirt. The value contrast between the brown and khaki will provide more than enough comprehension of the design, while still feeling unified with the similar hue. For this same reason, the Gold and possibly Jade color shirts would also work. However, the lower brightness of the khaki shirt ties in well, and creates a nice color scheme.

Watch this

why do zombies need that stuff to survive? oh... wait

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I forgot to add something about the text. Instead of the text "Zombie Survival Kit," it could be "Undead Survival Kit." The word zombie always seems a tad on the goofy side, and Undead sounds a little more serious.


"undead" doesn't sound as good as "zombie."


I really don't like the submissions on threadless with outlines. I usually prefer the solid areas of color ones. However, I do like this. I don't like the text, but it is important to this design. 5 and buy nonetheless.


I would buy this. I wish I had one of those kits and a ton of zombies to use it on.


That's a pretty comprehensive self criticism there, Kevin!


pretty solid illustration. My only criticism is that the handle of the machete looks too 'wild-west' and not enough 'zombie-slayer'.


Personally if I were fighting the armies of the undead I'd want a much much bigger gun, but I like this shirt.


Cool shirt.
But best weapon is by far the chainsaw... Everyone knows that.

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However cool Ash is wielding his chainsaw, it is just not that effective for fighting off zombies. I would imagine a chainsaw just spraying that infected zombie blood EVERYWHERE. Even the sawed off shotgun wouldn't be ideal, only for its close range, but you can't always be picking off the undead 500 yards away from your hidden sniper position.

Nevertheless, these weapons were chosen because they would look pleasing in their chosen position.


zombie is better than undead, it sounds better and makes it less formal so pple dont think ur a gun fanatic (aka mad evil spawn of satan)


Sorry, but after Shaun of the dead I can't picture my Zombie survival kit without a selection of disposable 7 inches and LP's.

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A high vote for me is a vote for a safe, zombie-free future!


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I think that, when naming a fictitious monster defense kit, it is very important to sound serious.

"Undead" sounds WAY more serious. But "zombie" is way sexier. Sounds like you're stuck dude.

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When you put it that way, I'm FAR from being stuck.

Sexy is much more important than serious.


I'd wear this - make it slightly smaller, slightly.
5 and buy


wow, if this had a shotgun and a chainsaw on it i would definitely buy it!


I would buy this the first day it's printed!


So hot....like a firecracker!!!!

the aesthetic imperative

i like the idea of a lawnmower strapped to your chest and nonchalantly walking through a herd / gaggle of zombies...peter jackson had the right idea...or perhaps this could be the homeland security survival kit...


I own the survival guide and would totally rock this shirt even though i am not digging the colors. 5$


I like the detail of the weapons, though about overlaping them into an "X"?

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Eh. Average score not as high as I would have liked to see.

I would have also liked to see some comments from the people who gave me the low scores.


Man re submit this I would buy this in an instant!

Northen Gannet

It's a shame I didn't catch on earlier.
I'd have given it a 5 and bought it when it comes out, being a keen fan of survival horror games.
I say re-submit too.


I want to buy this.


I would like to buy this as well. Are you going to make it available for sale?


i need it

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