• by beseku
  • posted Apr 03, 2005

nice airplane color, so Retro

Watch this
Halvor Strand

nice art. I'd like it on some other colors though, but still looking good.


What other colours would peeps like? I didn't want to lose the red colour, but played around with a yellow on green which was okayish.


i like this a ton, i usually dont like grey shirts but that makes it look good. and the browns even better. 5 and buy.


Hmm, it's a plane. And well-drawn too. Other than that I don't find it very special.


I love this shirt. 5 and a buy.


Looks like a tshirt from kmart.


i love the planes, but i want more, sorry...

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

looks like the "you sank my battleship" planes. be original, pal.

Miura SV

how is he not being original? They look nothing like the 'you sank my battleship' planes except for the fact that they are both prop planes with wings and a propeller. By that rational I suppose a corvette is a rip-off of a VW beetle since they both have four wheels and an engine.
Besides, the planes depicted in 'you sank my battleship' where a specific type and these ones are just friendly, non-desript planes.


since joining i have left nothing but 1's and 2's because I'm a harsh critic. This one is very nicely constructed. I think the planes look fine but the best is the off-centered placement. They look like they're flying up to you from the horizon. If you change anything, don't change the placement!


Thanks for the (mostly constructive) criticism. This is my first sub and I didn't expect it to do so well.

I want to improve on this - I don't want to change the placement but any suggestions on additional elements/colors/refinements please post them.

Thanks again.


i actually really like this. i'd buy it. i give it a 5.



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