i have no idea

I think i've seen a black t-shirt with that saying at hot topic.

Word shirts are boring.

Watch this

...i like it


lame...the font is not clear...I have no idea what your writing on shirts for ?


That text balloon makes it look like the wearer's liver is talking.
Which is a pretty funny idea, but probably wasn't intended.
Try making the same shirt saying something more liver-y.


barely can read font....i like it tho


I love it when people try to change your whole idea with comments. GET A LIFE YOU IDIOTS! Stop trying to tell other people how to design and do something yourself. JE-SUS. I think this is a decent design. Ive definitely seen worse get printed.


i fucking love it! ace text combined with the colour works lovely......


Is that a font? I've seen it in a lot of places, or at least something like it.


If the saying weren't ripped off of a Hot Topic/Wal-Mart/Spencer's t-shirt then this would be good. I like the design, I hate what it says.


Um, I can't even read what you put.

I'm not a fan of wordyshirts, either, but this one is pretty decent, I guess.


i have no idea
what you were thinking


i actually think that this word shirt is a pretty good word shirt
the color is great
and the font treatment is great

bottom line is it looks good


hard to read, and another lame line to put on a shirt. images ppl, lets get some art work please.


not original


it seems really ditzy with the pink and the not knowing what's going on, that's chill I guess


How are your scores so high if no one seems crazy about it? And you only have 18 comments??
sounds like fake emails to me!


it'd be better in a teal color. but it does explain part of me because i always zone out and dont know what people are talking about and i am not ditzy


I'd buy it........if i was LAME!


for those wondering., its actually a hand drawn font./

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