Together Forever

  • by xLeah
  • posted Apr 01, 2005

So, this is my first submission.. tell me what you think! :D

Watch this

i think its really cheesy and full of high school wishful thinking


if there were a woman on either side of the guy, that would be amusing


alex's predicted final score for this entry: 1.62


im going to go against you on this one and go lower. about 1.06 or so.

ej ronin

mmmm...the colors conflict way too much...and maybe if you cleaned the edges up a bit....not my style of shirt, but...I give it a 2 for effort and because its better than my first embarassing submission. Keep at it.


anyone could have cut that heart off of the used's cd cover. most people chose not to.


Novemberist, I did not cut the heart from the Used's cd cover.

Thanks, everyone, for the comments, though.


mm that's a bit crappy maybe. sorry, but the idea's not very original and it looks more like she's dying/he's holding her up. and the red clashes horribly.


i can understand the concept, but its too tacky - the silhouettes could use more detail and different colours. a fair first effort, tho


No drips on the heart! And yeah, if there were a girl on either side it'd be hilarious.


looks so cheap. Sorry.


It's not bad at all for a first submission. But I also think it is a bit cheesy though, there's a limited crowd that would wear designs like these and I think most of them don't frequent this site. Just keep at it and keep submitting!


Never say Forever! I did once and look at me now , all I have left is this website...

...The 2 chick comment definitely rocks and it is cheesy but cheesy can be good, like Remster says just keep submitting!

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