• by surly
  • posted Mar 29, 2005

This was a design that was done a while ago, originally had a thick, grey stroke that surrounded the whole image.

Any feedback would be great.

Watch this

that's totally hott....



Wow. I really love that. 5 for you.

Halvor Strand

wow, really like the art and the colors.
but...is that a man....with a bra? 'it' has a maleish face imo.
sry if I've got something wrong c",)


targets are cool but are ruined by target using them as a logo device... good art though.


I also thought she looked a bit 'manly', I had some issues with the nose that I thought I had resolved but she still looks a bit funny.

Thanks for the positive feedback!


i will always think the thong showing above the pants is cheesy.

make the hair more obvious.


cheesy? do women not wear thongs then?

I like this shirt $5

forecast fascism

i like it except for the dude in the corner. $3


Nice composite. On shirts, I prefer these types of prints a bit more subdued, ie. dark khaki on khaki tee, but that's just my opinion.

Recommend you try adding something like a bit of ponytail to make the female more instantly recognizable. Also (I'll probably get flamed for this) but straighten out her lower belly a bit to remove a bit of the "paunch." 4


nice one


Crappy Yellow. Try blue.

The rest is fine.


I like it and I ESPECIALLY like the dude in the corner.


I like it also ! I thought it was easy to see there is a man at the bottom and a lady up top, but maybe the many suggestions to add more flowing hair might solve any gender confusion. I also like the high contrast, yellow on black.


Strangly enough, I really dig it and I don't like yellow all that much.

Mid Bit

She/He/It looks like Aphex Twin from the window licker video/cover, but without the beard. I think if you sortedthat out it would look good.


Yeah, the face is a bit too male-looking... and I had a problem when I
first looked at it with the stomach ... somehow it looked like the person
had a huge gut. I like the corner guy a lot, though.


rock on target dog-faced woman. I can only hear ipod shuffle muzak to this.


Thanks for the advice, I will fix the face/hair and re submit? ( i'am new at this, are you able to re-submit?)


it robbie williams in his radio video isnt it?


again, looks like a cheap volcom imitation, but id buy it


This'd look SO much better without that squatting dude at the bottom. seriously. ANd I think just a few strands of hair over the forehead would make things better (without a lot of tweaking). Awesome peace though. Also, add/delete some of the targets' rings to make em a bit different. 5/buy

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