I Bomb NY

  • by gregerOne
  • posted Mar 24, 2005

The "I Love New York" tee from a graffiti writers point of view.

Watch this

Yeah, but its a limited market. People who live in/have been to NY.


Yeah, but after 9-11, I'm not sure how people will react to I Bomb NY


give the Ilove NY design a rest! it was perfect when it was first made...do something original, I know you can do it...


number4 are you blind? It's a spray paint can, not a bomb....."bombing" is just a slang term for grafiti and stuff


i live in toronto and i just watched style wars again. cap sucks.

Other Ben

I don't think the spray can takes up enough space. The heart in the orignal was, of course, much wider. So maybe you could put somthing round, or a sort of way cartoony, grafitti inspired, spiky explosion in all yellows, oranges, and reds behind the spray paint can...

But I'm no art director.


Yeah I know it's not wide enough.
A friend of mine actually did one for himeself before me with a cartoon style bomb instead.
It had a better effect, but I guess it would have been to offensive and ambiguous.

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Someones already submitted this, don't know who though. Maybe someone can link it.

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you stupid sack of untalented plagiarized shit. i hope your girlfriend leaves you for milton glaser.


i'm all for good" i <3" shirts, but your spraypaint can looks more like a fire hydrant. do something to convey spraypaint better and it would work.



"i tag ny" would be better dont you think.

umm, 9/11 and bomb dont mix.


if the person wearing it actually did tag ny, or tag at all, they could make this shirt themselves.


he means bomb as in street art... i'm all for it... more creative than artsy flying things with X's over them, or a gritty picture of the statue of liberty, or what else was it amnesiac, or did you forget.... another target/bug conceptless tshirt submission?$5

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remember that time my design got printed and as a result i got a job designing for 3 clothing companies?

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if you want some real crit. the outlineon the can needs to be heavier. the placement it off too


i don't like the name. it makes me fly into a rage due to dead relatives. regardless of how it fits in with graffitti slang. chang e the name and draw a better paint can. and hope you never get recognised in new york.


I'm not from New york, none of my relatives died, and at first I thought it was a fire hydrant. BUT it's still fairly offensive, in the way that a witty joke wouldnt be. It's also a contradiction because there is nothing about it that says "street art". Maybe if you could an original grafittiwork around the concept, something with a bit of visual dazzle, and a weak concept might get carried by good design. But at the moment there doesnt seem to be anything there at all.
Plus, I noticed you actually copied the registered trademark symbol off the original I love NY you stole the idea and the basis for the image from. Either that of you drew it on yourself... blah.



id like it better if the logo was a bit smaller but still i think its cool.


seriously...the can looks like a bomb (the type that falls from planes)
and it looks like a fire hydrant...if the words were in a "spray paint" font
or if there was any damn grafiti on the shirt or a blast of paint from the can...gregerOne must think he is cute with the NY Skyline in the back ground...some sorta secret code for them Al Kiadia...besides all that
Bad shirt
Bad idea
Bad art
No points
a tagger would never wear such lame art, the font is completly mainstream and tourist!
Please. don't try again.

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