He's just taking his rock for a little walk.

Watch this

cute, though other people might not know what the image actually is


honestly atomicvibe, calm down. good designers should never need to spell things out to the viewer. it's art for crying out loud - if you don't get it, move on.


LOL- w/o reading the title, i thought it was a skeleton w.o teeth


atomicvibe has a great point here.

this concept could be executed in a way that makes the title unnecessary, like making the walker more humanoid but clearly made of rock. and the pet more clearly a rock as well. if it were, the title would be redundant and it would be a much stronger design.

to me, this is the best measure of a good design. if it needs text or a title to explain it, the image is too weak. make it better or start over.


here's my interpretation: skeleton with pet rock, he's sad cuz he's got no muscles and he can't drag it with no muscles.
maybe make the rock gray?
otherwise it's cute.


i think this is cute..from most of the posts, it gets people wondering what it is..very nice! 5 and $


Thanks for your comments.
I love every body’s interpretations. I’m not going to say what/who is right or not.
It started out as a doodle and made its way to a t-shirt, that’s it :)


thought it was Jack from nightmare before christmas, as atomicvibe said. but that's fine, because i like this shirt.


it's aesthetically pleasing. it makes me smile to see it, despite not necessarily being able to carry itself.

it's hot.

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