• by keefry
  • posted Mar 20, 2005

My friend once mistook my saying "alligator" for "allicopter" and I just had to illustrate it.

I was going to do a colored vector version, but I liked the original sketch on its own.

My color choices need work.

Watch this

I like the sketch too. it's funny... "run kitty, run!"


I like it either way....even your newest color ones that you gave the links too...


Love the red on grey and the illustration. Nice work.


I think the pink one is the best.

I dont know why, but when I click on the chocolate one, the "allicopter"
creature looks angry-er then the others. Don't know why. Im sure it probabably
the same exact drawing, just a different color.

I still like the chocolate one better then the gold (& A Lot better then the grey)
but the pink one is better by a long shot


i love this Tee in Chocolate. its very cute. Grey looks great too, but for the thin lines, chocolate looks best.


Pink is awesome, I would buy this straight away. I burst out laughing when I saw it. XD Yay


I dig the grey and red outline. I have the same backpack gets me ahead of the line at the dmv. 5+$

Silent Bobb

That is awesome. 5 and buy.


I like the colored versions better than the lineart versions. Although the red lines on gray does looko real nice.


this is one that i'd be super proud to wear. i like both the lineart and the colored but the lineart is cooler, i think.



Very cool. I like your first coloured version, or the grey shirt with red lines.


Yeah, the Re submissions you posted ARE better.


i wasnt as much of a fan of the colored one, but its still sweet. i like the chocolate one with just the sketch. 5 and buy for sure.


I like the resubmissions better... but I love the pink. Either way, 5+$


Oh this is awesome! My bf and I also have an allicopter inside joke (actually, ours is "allichopter") but this is too funny to miss. I like chocolate best.


i love this! 5$ chocolate is great


It brought a smile to my face. Love it. 5+++

Halvor Strand

great job:) 5 and buy. I can't really figure out what colors to buy, but I'd definatly like this on a shirt!:D


after seeing the allicopter and cat in color, i say 5$. i'll have that in pink please. =)


i can't delete my last comment, but i change my mind it looks best on a green shirt.


id wear this.. i love it... great design


Really like the green redo, the cat is a whole lot more awesome and stands out wonderfully; maybe some shading on the alligator's head, though, it seems a little out of place.


I'll wait for the resubmissions.

When you resubmit them- 5 and Buy and I want your balls


grey and gold work the best 5 and buy


The brown would be better with a white outline, and the pink better with a blue one, but I reallyreally like the gray version, so I'll give you 5 anyway.


very nice sketch... it looks best on pink
i want!


Print it. I will, for sure, buy two! Pink and gray work best. I LOVE IT!

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