this is the one art of "hiphop" word

Watch this

I'm sorry, no text allowed on this website apparently. Lose the text, I know that would leave a blank shirt, but hey, minimalism's always in vogue.


text is allowed,i think, but this is in bad taste...if you were really gonna do some "hiphop" shirt actually do a piece, or somthing that has to do with the culture...not some seanjean wannabe.

lets see the piece and make it burn


Text is great if it's not extraneous or horribly stupid/unfunny. There's a fine line, Webbins. I have no problem with this shirt design I guess, but I want to ask you why the "i" is so tiny? It makes it hard to read.


because there is no "I" in H_p Hop . . . b/c H_p Hop is about giving back to the community, it is not about getting rich buying $50,000 neclaces, luxury automobiles with wheels worth more than most peoples cars, and getting high and drinking top-shelf alchohol . . . its about the people!

or wait a minute maybe it was 'team' that didn't have an 'I' . . . my bad.

Second Scout

I don't have any ice to go with this. Do something a little more than text treatment, bro.


I have this shirt without the text....I wear it under my dress shirts all the time...


hip boring made me laugh hah


Briham Script is spiffy and all, but I don't see any sign of a concept.
Weird scale and a juiced up stroke weight, do not a T-shirt make.
Sorry just saying hip-hop doesn't do anything for me.


I don't really like the color of the shirt or the text...I think that the idea youhave has potential and you should use it for something a little more creative.

Other Ben

The idea? There's an idea here? Sorry for being an ass, but I don't see anything but the phrase "Hip Hop".

If you're just gonna do text, I think your name would actually be more interesting...


I'm sorry man, but you have a tendency for sucking.


oh shit hold the phone.
hip hop all in a script just like that.
you sir. are a genius.

Try IMPACT next time.


i don't like the shirt so much but.. i dunno why webbins thinks there's no text allowed when many of the shirts printed include text.


I was being sarcastic, I don't know whether it's an American thing, but type on shirts doesn't go down too well here.


try it with comic sans!


straight from the streets ni99a!!! boh. ure a punk!


I can't READ ITT.

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