Fo' Shizzle, See?

  • by Krapehtta
  • posted Mar 17, 2005

I hope you all get this design (Gangster/gangsta). Al Capone is one of the most interesting people in history if you ask me... And the thought of him saying "Gangsta" type things like "Fo' Shizzle" makes me chuckle. It was originally just "Shizzle" but it was suggested that I change it to "Fo' Shizzle" so I did.

I know it doesn't look too great in grey, but i wanted a 4th colour, and that was the best. I tried making the design a different colour, but it just looks like a mess of shapes, and not a person.

Sorry for the jaggedy-ness in the display file, something went weird... I do have a fullsized version, and a vector path of the design though. Here's an animated version:

Comments and critisim if any, please.

Watch this

This design makes me want to scratch out my own eyes... err lose the text.


I don't like the placement... and the joke is way too cheesy for my taste, but maybe others will like it, I don't know.


Wow "fo shizzle" seems about as played out as the word "Xtreame". Unfortunately I think this whole 'black people say the darndest things' phase will never be over. I am sure if some rapper started saying "shalom y'all" it would be all over t-shirts and commercials too. I like the Al Capone design and the placement. I would totally sport this one without the text.


c'mon people - how can he 'lose the text' on this shirt when the text is the WHOLE FRICKIN' POINT (ie..."And the thought of him saying "Gangsta" type things like "Fo' Shizzle" makes me chuckle")
god, what is wrong with text anyway? most of the submissions on here without text make absoluetly zero sense!


Economos, I think in this particular case, people are saying "lose the text" as a nicer way of saying "this idea really sucks". Most of the shirts with a large "lose the text" contingent really DO have lame and/or unnecessary text, and I don't think anyone has a problem with text if it looks good and makes sense. In this case the whole shirt is just bad and I think people are trying to be somewhat polite about conveying that.


I like it, stupid shirts rock better.


please not this "fo' shizzle stuff again. cool guy though.


loose the text and put it on other side


funny but not worth buying on a shirt. 2.



i did the original fo' shizzle haters.


Why'd you waste all that time trying to justify your cum rag of a shirt?


crap text crap image
plain black tshirts are ok


ugh i hate the whole "izzle" fad.


I like the image but it would be alot stronger without text

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