A design about freedom: The freedom to destroy yourself.

Watch this

really ncie graphic. i don't know about it on the shirt though


i think itd make a perfect Tee with a little less background colour, like, maybe a sprinkled background, gritting looking. not solid. you get my point.


only thing wrong with this is the colour of the shirt. Otherwise, its a great piece =)

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Biggest piece of crap ever


its a cool graphic, but not for a shirt i don't reckon


this quite frankly its absolutely terrible. The idea is lackluster at best, calling the execution poor would be akin to calling hitler a little mean, and whatever font you use gives me the runs from my eyeballs. I think you should put some effort into the shirt before you post it up next time.

jesus didn't die for your sins so that you could put out shit like this :-D


Is it just me or is this shirt insinuating we have the freedom to shoot up and that's all good?


Is it just you or is this shirt about not caring what other's have to say, and that is all good. And Mr. Union, nice choice in shirts. I see you have the requisite played out panda design as well as other indy favorites. Stick with the tried and true man. Never branch out. That works for me because then I'll never have to see your nazi-religious face.

Of course, in responding to this, I show my weak side and that people really do get to me sometimes, but I don't really give a flying (noun). I just wanted to lash out.


See, Mr. Union's shirts are actually getting printed though. Instead of dismissing them, you might consider examining them to see why they are scoring high. If you want your work printed, you might learn something there.


But they aren't his designs. It's easy to critique when you submit nothing to be dragged over the coals.

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Can't say I would've put it quite like Mr. Union, but I'd have to agree with him. A good drawing (yours?) doesn't make up for a bad concept, weak placement and poor typography.


I agree with Leda Atomika...its like a junkie shirt

"Take me down Little Suzy...Daddy needs a bump"

R junkies kewl , ? No !


I absolutely love this design. I believe there is a higher meaning to it, than what most think they see.

I would totally buy this shirt.

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