• by straymon
  • posted Mar 10, 2005

That's funny. Wasn't that a legend, that they scooped up a scuba guy and dumped him into the fire.

Watch this

Not sure about white (snowy) trees.....maybe green shirt? Although....current colors look good together. Mmmmm....


yeah, I heard about that somewhere... it's cool but for that reason not as original as it might have been. Also I don't think that usually snowy trees catch on fire...


kind of bothers me that the guy isnt going directly into the trees though..sorry if im being technical but it looks like the guy would fly over the trees not into them.


nice design and placement...though as a scuba diver..I'll be very wary of helicopters now lol!


Haha. I remember hearing about that happening to a guy. And it makes me laugh. I like it

Revolt One

yeah it was a give take thing, I wanted to use a blue shirt because of the knock out in the water and the glass on the window of the heli to get that looking right.....but I think those of you that mentioned using a green shirt are right........that or maybe just black outline for the trees.

The Red Star

Magnolia called they want there story back.


heh, it's an urban legend that magnolia used ;P

i love this.
Give unto me


Hahaha, this is great. Perhaps make the cable holding the water container bent?


Sublime. 5+buy


The show Mythbusters did a fairly decent job in proving this impossible. But that has nothing to do with the shirt.


I saw that on mythbusters. NICE 8-)


First submission lately that I would ACTUALLY buy.


wow, The Red Star, that's a joke format you like to use a lot, isn't it?

3 million standup comedians called. they want their joke formula back.

all the English teachers in the country called. they want you to freakin' use the right form of the word their/there.

i think the shirt is great, Revolt One. a 5 and a buy.


I'd LOVE to have a shirt with an obscure Magnolia reference on it.


u have room for one more color...i am totally all about using green on the trees... right now thats the only think i am not diggin


Yeah, i'd position the diver directly above one of the trees and make the trees green, if i saw that submission next week itd be a 5 and buy.


just because its from the beginning of magnolia makes it a great concept...nice job...but i think you should just ditch the trees on the bottom...make the rope shorter...and consolidate the whole graphic...just a tiny bit shorter though


Don't really like the snowy trees, and the relation in size between the scuba diver and the box, but I REALLY like it. 5, would be a buy if those things were fixed.


Coooooooooool! But why are the trees white? Snowy trees don't catch on fire. Fix that, and its' a 5$


Wonderful! 5$ :D


Regarding people asking for non-white trees. I just fiddled around in photoshop and when the trees are made dark green, the front two trees look as though they lack detail.

White trees keep the colour count (cost) down since the water is also white.


This is kinda neat. It reminds me of one of mine. I thought about using the scuba guy but I just opted for fish.

White trees are odd but so is a scuba guy falling from a helicopter. What is more odd -white trees burning or the scuba guy? A double dose of wtf.


Good one. The white trees are NOT odd. Anyone who says they should be green is retarded. You're using 4 colors. Red, orange, black & white. Everything looks good on this shirt the way it is. Buy!


awesome, the colors are great


I am in love with this. I love most of your work. I'd buy this shirt in a freaking heartbeat.

Whoever said this should be on green is like.. colorblind. Also, the white trees are not odd.

This shirt is great the way it is.


i love this, and ilove the trees how they are, the colours are perfect.

Ally Hawke

That actually happened

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