Holy cow!

  • by Hoienzo
  • posted Mar 08, 2005

This is my first time, i hope it all works out and look ok..

Watch this
Jada Aubery

I would definatley buy it. 5. Very cute take on the saying.


I like the utter.


i think it looks too much like a business logo but otherwise good 3


why are there 5 udders???

le poisson tranquille

"he is nipple number 5. A good cow should have like 4."

Pretty good overall except for the extra nipple.


This is too cheesy (no pun intended) for me. Seems like something i'd find in one of the really bad gift shops we have here in wisconsin.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

my gf would swoon for this. you got my attention, amigo. i love this.



its like one of those shirts people sell at target with witty catch phrases and a cheezy picture to match.

and its white.

maybe in blue.

* *


Put it on a different colored shirt.


I'd like this better on pink. Very cute.


this is really cute; it'd be especially cuter on a pink girlie shirt. good work.

paulo lopu

Great , Better , Best!!! This one is the greatest of the best!!! For real!!!

Fifa Junkie

This T-shirt is awesome!! Great design!! Thumbs up!! Definitely a 5!!


the cow art seems a bit too "Aunt Edna's sweatshirt" - hand draw the cow and drop in some starving hindus with flies gnawing at their eyes... then you've elevated the shirt to a new level.


I love the drawing, but the saying is a like people said, pretty cheesy, so maybe if you had a more random saying...? I 'm not really sure.


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would want to marry it if it was pink or baby blue for a cute baby doll tee. God, I love it.


That's not in the true spirit of the path to moksha. This is a sad day for Hunduism.

I am Barefoot

This is too cheesy...plus, I've seen it so many times before..try Aeropostale.

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