Lort of the Shirts # 2 Genious Child

I do not get the title at all, but I really like the shirt. I'd wear it id i knew what you were referring with the text.

Watch this

not getting it either, seems like an add for someone's design studio.


Well..."Brillant ideas".... dosen't turn a "bulb light" on you?


Are brilliant ideas coming from outer space? This light bulb seems also an alien head... :)


Actually... it's mine :)


Lose the text. but then just a lightbulb.

Hmmmm..... knowing the title I like it, but as a shirt it would be just a big lightbulb on my chest. I don't know if I like that.

Not really sure what to do here...


ugh... are you trying to say "lord of the shirts"? and if not, what's a lort? and why are your designs just poor self-promoting doo-dads?


Lort = Lord +Shirt
As for the rest: do you read the messages before yours?


Hmmm, the SS is ripped directly from Kiss

Mr Genious

This is my favorite shirt I've seen in the running so far. Why can't I give it a 5?

Mountain Gnome

judging by your profile you haven't given one single score Mr Obvious Genious!

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