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Put a bag on it

  • by vlcmston
  • posted Mar 03, 2005

however true it may be, i don't know if i would like to wear naked/half-naked people on me.

Watch this

okay seriously. stop objectifying women. there's plenty on the site, including me, and the designs have basically a 10% chance of winning because no one likes them. gtfo.


don't stop believing. hold on to that feeling. nice torso.


yeah, I gave this a zero.


Lol, I liked it in a way it shows like the male mind who cares about the face if they got a good body?


fucking awesome


i'm a girl, and to me i think this is ironic. and is actually making a statement against objectification. good show. personally i always make the same joke to my guy buddies, just put a bag over her head and i mean it to be pointing out their mysoginy(sp?) 5+ maybe some more color, is my only suggestion


i'm not sure what this is trying to say, but make your message clearer if you expect any women to vote for this.



stfu fat sluts.


but yes on more color.


I'm a guy and I'd make fun of people wearing this. Actually, probably only one person. I wonder who it is lol stfu!

I think it's pretty simplistic. I don't really like how the right hand just ends with the fingers cut off.


It's evident that this design riles people up. That's a win in my book -- 4 + Buy.


haha.. this is a nice one.. like it


Although I'm not against the message, I wouldn't wear it. Good but overused concept.


I think it has a really good message.
People are always on the lookout for a pretty face.
I give it a four.

Dr. Strangelove

overused concept? I've never seen a t shirt with a chick in a bikini and a paper bag over her head. Ever


there are a lot of shirt designs submitted that depict women as objects. its been done before. many. many times. it loses the "humorous" value everytime it is repeatedly submitted and eventually becomes degrading.

this one crosses the line.


Now we need a butter-face design


I interpreted from the girl's perspective: the irony in showing off so much of your body and yet hiding your face, I think it makes a comment on the lack of respect many girls have for themselves. I still wouldn't buy this shirt though, don't need to be wearing a semi naked girl on my torso.

cobwebbed chandelier

i like the message. but the bathing suit shouldnt be the same color as the bag. lol.

Revolt One

HAHA! I find the humor favorable.....beep, beep.....[end transmoission]


i like the message and everything, but what if
people dont get the message? i dont know. it seems alright.


i'm a girl, and i'm not fat or ugly, so i'm not a feminist.



From what I see this was supposed to show the irony, not objectifying women. I suppose it's in how you look at it.
I couldn't see myslef wearing it, th0ugh.


If I saw someone wearing this, I would kick them.

Dr. Strangelove

Someone should kick you, for being a retard.


objectification? self image obsessions? this is just a hot chick with a bad head... so wrong, yet so so right

great idea, if a little dubious. fix up the imagery a bit


good illus...i like this...


A body from baywatch, and a face from crimewatch, i know the kind!!!!

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

"does that tell u a bit about girls.... they would actually like it if u wore it" umm right, thats how your imaginary girlfriend fell for you right?

I wouldn't wear this tshirt but must admit it amused me, and I definately rate the face before anything else personally. If they are too ugly to kiss then whats the point...


how are girls not feminists? don't you want to take charge of your feminity and be an empowered person?? i'm baffled that you said that gonophoric. feminists are fat or ugly, thats just a horrible stereotype, the horrible media tells you.


hahaha i meant AREN'T fat or ugly


ok i get it.
don't put it on a shirt though


i agree with red pen. come on people, w hy is feminism the new F word? a feminist is just a person who believes that women and men should have political, economic, social, and sexual equality. from that definition, everybody should call themselves a feminist, unless they're a total bigot. it's strange to me that the onlypart of feminism that's leaked down to the masses is the idea of "man-hating." but let me tell you that has nothing to do with feminism. in fact, i've learned more and more that it's women that keep each other down in a lot of instances... like gonophoric. so hey keep it up babe, as long as you'd like to earn 74 cents on every dollar a man makes, and as long as you'd like to encourage the misogyny that ensures that one out of every three women will be sexually abused at least once in her lifetime.

and i don't really get this shirt. i get the irony i suppose, but i'm too distracted by the primary interpretation of this disturbing image to like it.


gonophoric, the comment doesn't sound so smart.

just sayin.


um.. my two cents:

her lack of a face (personality) is obviously the focus of the picture. the image presents the objectification of women in a negative light.

it's a good thing.


Id have to wear a bag over my head to be seen in public wearin this shit,
oops I mean shirt.


This is great. An uptight idiot wouldn't get this, but who cares?

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