Working mans life

your late, get back to work......

Watch this

i like the guy a lot. i think he would be better by himself without the clock.


yeah im not feeling the clock


Lose the clock and put numbers instead of question marks

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the clock sucks, get rid of the shadow, graphic of bar head dude is great. one last thing, lose the question marks and put in some numbers.


yes. no clock.

Revolt One

Yep, I agree.
I dont know why I added the clock....


I get the idea...and I love it. But alas, the clock.


I also agree, how original


lose the clock. other than that, a slick design. maybe not on a black shirt though, it's awfully blah.


I like the blah, I think it adds to the message of the shirt ;)


I like.


lol i just did a t-shirt design for threadless w/ a business guy w/ a tv head....yah the guy by himself would look very nice


Drop the clock, otherwise it's great.


I dunno- I like it as is.


Lose the clock I think the general concensus is, and then make man bigger.


Maybe the clock would work if it was smaller and had roman numerals, but as is I'd do without. Like it lots without.


barcodes are cliche, but I can't help but like it. as many others said, lose the clock, and replace the question marks with numbers. then I think I might buy it


like most peole have said, lose the clock and replace the question marks with numbers. but besides that the shirt is pretty awesome


Work on that clock.


the clock adds one more dimension philisophically but it makes the design too busy. the eye wants just the guy. i like the shadow though.


maybe lower and decenter image to lower coner, this would help the business yet also emhasize the space surrounging the figure.

mannequin shock

I don't see why you would dismiss the clock. That's an integral part of the design. I'd be interested in other colors however.


Definately illiminate the clock leave the man and it GOLD! I love it


LOVE the barcode head...not the clock. It's a good thought, but it's too much and it takes away from the simple/wonderful statement of the man.


Very much like the concept. I think the clock is good for it though, adds more meaning and definitely relevant. Nice. But to contrast his bland world... Give it some color somewhere that wouldn't confuse the message.


like the man w/ barcodes.. i don't like the face of the clock thought.


all you need to do is get rid of the clock. then i'd buy.


i like the clock. "time is money" ey? i like it - it's like a sundial. it makes perfect sense with the clock. keep it.


I actually like the clock, especially because the man standing in the center acts as a sundial, which represents monotony very well, in my opinion, because it's as if the man only knows and goes by the clock. Also, as for the question marks in the barcode, I think that that is a better idea than putting actual numbers, because it emphasizes the fact that there are a great many who have 9 to 5 jobs which they absolutely despise, and have no real place to go but to work every day.


I like the concept man! Original. I like the sundial effect (as lieforfun stated) but the clock is too big for my liking. Add numbers to the barcode instead of questionmarks (as everyone else is pointing out)

Revolt One

Thanks for the critique folks.

I'm re working it, trying to find a way to keep the clock "aspect" but not have it so "blah" . I think it's a important aspect so would be nice to find a good way to keep it.
As far as the bar code goes....I think the question marks are dope. I'll probably end up printing a version of this myself if threadless dont.


no clock, i'm just the follower


those bar code things have been done way too many times
What are they trying to say any way? Is it a bad thing to go to work? If you really want to represent that a worker is just a "number" then put a giant number on his neck. It just gets really annoying.

79 Minutes of Bliss

I love the idea. Very attractive. Not too much for the eye to handle. Everyone is the same, and everyone is always late. We are all barcodes, just numbers in the world. Not incredibly original, but I love it anyways. 5 and buy

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