the bye bye birdie

broke rodriguez

Watch this

Weird. I like it.

p.s. "alright" only has one "l"..............

Miss Femme

i love this, please print it


Haha! I really like this one! 5 and Buy.


alright isn't a word, nor is allright, but "all right" is.

but I don't give a crap about any of that because this shirt is damn cool.

5 and buy

Johnny Deluxe

"alright" IS a word, even if only because everyone agrees it is. nice bluebird. rock on.


i love that bird.


shoot, i really hope this shirt wins. that bird is way too cute. five/buy.


that's cool, maybe a different color option. 5 and buy.


love it


man this AIM is out of hand. great shirt to combat it. 5 and buy/


this looks pretty good the way it is, but it looks like something you hand painted/drew (w/ markers maybe) and the colors would be much you'd probably have to slim the number of colors you've got going on in the first place...i think you should recolor it (digitally) and show us what it'd really look like if we're going to buy it


You had me at BYE, allright. Even with the spelling error I'd buy, alright.


the bird is awesome, but i dont like the words


less text in the bubble and rotated right and I'd buy


er.. rotated left.. straight across and centered =P


this is amazing.


is the "the" at the end supposed to be a "then" ?
might want to fix that.

x laurrraaaa

5+buy cute, some 50s vibe to it or something..can't put my finger on it really


i hate you


i love the colors, but it would look so much better if you just didnt tip it. it's feet look like its standing on flat horizontal ground, so that's what it should be doing


I <3 it! I'd prefer on a different coloured shirt though - I'm anti white :)
5 & $

i love sweaters

i love this image. but the size and placement of it is kinda weird. id probably still wear this though. matt i love you


indifferent to the design- allright is not a word as everyone had said. alright is a word. look it up in the dictionary. "all right" isn't a word either, they are 2 words... ha

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