Du Ciel

  • by jamco
  • posted Feb 01, 2005

I fell in love with this girl as I illustrated her..

Hopefully you will share my feelings.

Watch this

I really like the colours...


what does du ciel mean?

very beautiful, good job.


oh, one more comment.. I don't usually buy shirts that color because they always end up looking dirty to me. maybe I'm the only one..?


'du ciel' means 'sky' in French...

Shawn Carney

very tasteful. i like it alot

the pretentious

really nice work... the only problem i have is with the bags under her eyes. 5&buy anyways, though


'du ciel' can also be translated as 'from heaven'


it's so pretty and the colors are awesome XD


yes, i love this super muchly. But no, i wouldn't wear it, but only because of the t-shirt colour. It looks horrible on pale skinned ladies such as myself. You get a 5 anyways though!


i love the hair...i'd like it more if the face was, less facial...i dont really like wearing other peoples faces personally....hate to say this, but it could probably do w/out the text also


To address the issue of the shirt color, I think it would probably print nicely on a yellow or gold t-shirt as well.


awesome design. I give it a 5 and would definitely buy it!


neato, that shirt is crazy good!


5 for a great design but I don't really like to wear faces.


5$ very nice graphic.


I really like what you've done with the hair. nice graphic!


this is beautiful! the illustration is amazing and i love how you addressed the issue of where to end the illustration b/c when i comes to figure studies too many people can't figure out how to blend the figure and the ground it either ends up looking like a head floating in space w/ no connection to the backdrop or else has a clearly defined liner edge and there are few things that kill a composition faster, in my opinion. i also really like the very organic feel to everything and for that reason i would not change it to a brighter or more 'colorful' shirt color. i really think that it is perfect as is . . . and threadless, if you read the comments you had better fucking print this! i would seriously consider boycotting the site if you don't. 5 + BUY!


If you wear this someone will quote the Dead Milkmen to you and call you an "ART FAG, arrrart fagg, art fag." But otherwise it's cool.


I love the design but I have to agree with the other comments about a brighter/darker color of shirt.


lovely, but wouldn't wear it


This is very nice - i would maybe move it from the center maybe off to the left bottom side of the shirt, but that's just me . i am sure it would work on any color shirt -

Felicitaciones - al parecer vas en buen camino


The Dead Milkmen aside I would wear this. Though the placement bothers me. Maybe center the white area and let the green leafy stuff fall to the right. It might balance things out.


I'd be obliged to change the art placement and/or shirt color if this is selected to print. Anyone have color suggestions? I tried to avoid darks in order not to overpower the green...


Oh, it's lovely... I love the green and blue.

5+buy! For the art. I love the art.

T. F. McClure

Yo man I love your illustration.
I like the contrast of delicate in the color
to confidence in the line quality.
5 and buy


I love the colors and the caption. You have a way with capturing beauty.


definitely DO NOT move this to the bottom left. everything does NOT have to be in the bottom left. I do agree tho that moving it slightly right might balance it out. i personally love the colors and the shirt color. i fear something brighter would become gaudy.


HOT ASS. i love it. don't change anything. pls. hot 5+buy


I am in love with this shirt, and it's a beautiful illustration. :} I'd be pleased to own a shirt of this! And please don't change the shirt color. I love the light colors and I think a darker or bolder one would take away from the softness and feel of the image. Great work! 5+buy


large areas of white tend to look crappy on screened shirts, especially when they evetually start to crack, i'd suggest getting rid of the white face fill and pick a shirt color that would work in it's place


nicely designed but the shirt color has to be changed in my opinion. Nothing too bright though.


one of the best i've seen


why do people constantly illustrate womyn?



why do some consistently misspell women?



thats pretty cool


its a nice illustration but why would you wear it?


again i love this...but i dont really want to wear a shirt w/ some girls face on it, mainly because i have a girlfriend and i think it'd be kinda wierd.....however, i love the style of it all so muhc, that i would love wearing it IF the face no longer had any personal qualities, if it was more of a "human head" than a "persons head"


Love the hair-turning-into-leaves. 4.


Fell in love with this shirt!! Love the illustration, love the French, love everything!


I would kill the lines under the eyes. That aside...lovely work.


Nice work, I think I like the lines under her eyes


Excellent color choices
beautiful artwork
creative hair

the text is a distraction


nicely done
french is so romantic, no wonder you fell in love with her.

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