you sank my battleship

  • by ronlewis
  • posted Jan 28, 2005

dope *4

Watch this
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lol...I friggin love it....but need a different color shirt...I white tee's... love the design.... I will buy it if its on a different color shirt!!!

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

yeah i agree "sigh" but at 2 in the morning it seemed like a good idea, color suggestions would be cool.


great sauce


i like the idea, it's hot!

em fu

I like this a LOT!
clever ... too clever ... :)

I give u a 5


Hahahah! I finally found you! You, you sank my battleship! Now, I must buy you breakfast! Don't listen to the critics, this is the best design here! Well, I know Travis is putting up a fight! Watch out....


Very nice concept might need a wee re-design though don't like the background strips and the way they fade off

4 from me
5 and a buy it you changed the background


SPIFFO!, i will buy if printed. SPIFFO! for me is like touchdown for mark (even though he was giving them out like candy towards the end of the 2nd series, my SPIFFO! is more associated with the credibility he had during the 1st series)

I like how its pro japanese.


Holy crap, this is just awesome!!!!!!!!!

I desire this to be printed very much.

5 & BUY!


i need it in my shopping cart! now!


This makes me laugh. 4&b


I really like it, but Japanese people might be offended? that would be too bad because the colors are great.


5 and buy


Just awesome!


I like but I don't like white t-shirts I found it gay

but that's my meaning


I love it and give it a 5. I think the white shirt works for this design.

But that's my meaning.


is it pearl harbour?


this is the best thing i have seen here all, day and i have been on here alllll day

other colour otions (as u asked) t shirt - light grey,take away the background loosing the ja[an refference and keeping it battleships youd have to redo the little planes tho.

i love it you rock


I think the Japan reference is fine, it gives the image some more context and kinda flips shit all around with the whole board game reference. Shit's hawt. I'd cop it.


minus the pearl harbor ref I'd definately buy it.


yo ron! i saw your other design and thought it was awesome with out knowing it was you! check out my shit! sweet! wicked!

Depressed Panda

I love the design. I don't like the Pearl Harbor-ish reference, because it could be offend to a lot of people. I wear clothed that I like, but I try to temper my freedom to wear whatever I want without trying to offend people to much.

I not imply that was you intent, just saying why I wouldn't wear it as is. But if that reference was removed, I would definitely buy it.

I rated it a 5



mrs egg

Battle Nostaglia...ahhh...fabulous!

mrs egg

Different Color shirt and its a buy!

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

thank you all that voted and for the constructive crits .

Geoff G

I really like this. 4 & buy.


YES! kix my ass. nice work. awesome idea. 5 n buy all the way


awesome except for the p.harbor undertone


I dunno about the background as it doesn't match the cartoony look of the ship and plane. Otherwise, it's a cute and clever design.


Insanely original and celver! great job!


sooo clever, i love it and would buy it, seriously

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

clun fan -interesting. . . I must say that this is total coincidence, and only backs up my theory that there is nothing left in this world that has not been done.
However I managed to include a reference to a histroical event . . . . either way I see your point , thanks for making me feel bad.


This is an awsome shirt!! I want one in black and a medium!!!! Please re-print it!!!!


I'm so proud of my BIG brother for his sick design! I'm happy to say that we are related!!


Cool shirt! I came back here after seeing Zach Braff wear it on the season finale of Scrubs.


i didnt get a chance to buy this before it ran out, and would love a reprint :)

brilliant...i think this is one of the bes ton the site!


ha i was just going to say it was on the scrubs final , u beat me orimental... u made me just ornimental


This is probally one of the coolest shirts on here.... i love it


I've owned this shirt for about 6 months now


When I first saw this shirt I thought it was a clever design so when I saw it for ten bucks I thought what the hell, and bought I. The fist day I wore it I got crap about becuase of the "pearl Harbor" reference. It never crossed my mind but when I started to think about it I feel ashamed for even buying this shirt. I cant belive how anti-american this shirt really is. Hey I like to wear shirts that might make a person do a double take and im not trying to be one of those people that try to make everything a big issue. but I think this pushes it a little. sorry.

I wont be wering this shirt agian.

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